12 Affiliate Marketing Programs Every Beginner Needs To Join Right Now

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Considering that you’ve made your way to this article, you’ve probably taken a step into the world of blogging by now. Either you’ve started your own blog already (and looking to fully monetize it), or you’re seriously considering to do so.

It’s totally normal to look into the potential financial returns of a career before paving a way of entry. You might be doing just that.

Affiliate marketing is a major way of making money for all professional bloggers. However, finding lucrative affiliate programs could be challenging for the up-and-comers, without a huge audience backing them. The thought of pursuing this prospect is alien to most bloggers, who just stepped in with a passion for writing.

It’s intimidating to not know where to start or what to expect, but don’t you worry. This article aims to undo all the knots in your mind relating to affiliate marketing. 👌

Having looked into a few potential affiliate programs, you may have come to a realization; the requirements are demanding. Some programs require purchasing their product in order to gain affiliate status, but newbie bloggers can’t always afford it. New full-time bloggers would hardly have spare money lying around.

Other affiliate marketing programs may have particular demands with respect to visitors. It’s common to see requirements for minimum stats of about fifty thousand returning visitors every month. While money is a constant struggle for beginners, building traffic is also something they strive for. Lacking both, many bloggers aren’t allowed into such programs. 💔

However, there’s no need to lose all hope! A ton of companies exist that are more than willing to partner up even with beginners. In this article, we’ll list 12 of our favorites to get you started in the realm of affiliate marketing. Pick and choose just a few of the programs that you personally connect to, and you’ll find more along the way.

You know your audience – start with programs that are most likely to pique their interest. Also, feel free to include the products that you genuinely love and endorse them wholeheartedly to your readers! 



As a blogger, if you haven’t yet signed up for Ibotta, do it right now. It’s a rebate program that offers cash back on various sorts of purchases.You can get rebates from grocery shops, brands, or departmental stores, etc.

The initial $10 signing up bonus certainly helps – it’s a token of appreciation for giving their product a try. You’d be buying items that you purchase regardless, while also saving significant amounts every week.

Getting cash-backs could also be seen as a passive income source, considering how satisfying it is to see your rebate balance rack up. If you feel like withdrawing it, simply send it over to your Paypal. It’ll be money that you wouldn’t have earned without Ibotta, but it asks absolutely nothing in return. Combine their help with regular coupon codes and you’d be slashing down a significant part of your grocery expenditure.

Finally, here’s where your status as a blogger starts to pay off. Ibotta automatically generates a referral link for you upon signing up.

You can earn $10 in the app for each person that signs up with the program through your link. Feature it in your posts to rack up bonuses, rebates, and referral income – all in one! 🤑

Create your FREE Ibotta account here



Much like Ibotta, Ebates is also a rebate app that everyone should benefit from. They also offer a free sign up bonus of $10 through the app. They partner with some of the biggest e-commerce stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, Verizon, Macy’s, Dick’s, Sephora, Office Depot and many, many more.

They feature hundreds of stores that you visit and shop at frequently. They pay you money for doing something you’d do anyway, without asking any consideration from you. So, what do they get out of it? The stores they feature offer Ebates commissions on purchase orders, and they pass a portion of that on to you.

That’s where your cash-back balance comes from, but who cares, as long as you get money out of it? Next time you’re about to shop for Christmas, birthdays, groceries, or any other product, look for the store in Ebates!

Through your referral link, you can make money by featuring it and encouraging your visitors to sign up using it.

If a decent amount of visitors click and join Ebates, you could score pretty big! 💯

Create Your Free Ebates Account Here And Start Earning! 



Ever thought you could get money for regular, everyday internet searches? It’s time to switch from Google to Swagbucks to make it possible.It’s a search engine that you can use the same way as Google, but with a slight, profitable difference; it pays you for using it.

Each time you hit enter over a regular internet search, you become eligible to earn more Swagbucks.    

Not only can you make money through searching, which you’d do anyway, but also through surveys, watching videos, shopping through their links, and many more. Even if you’re not interested in all that, just your searches are enough to rack up money over time.

Once you’ve got a balance of 300+ Swagbucks, you’re able to redeem all those credits for gift cards for famous outlets like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, etc. If you’re interested in getting cash instead, you can choose the Paypal route to get cashback from them. 💲

Spread the word about them using your affiliate link, and each time a referred user earns Swagbucks, you get a percentage of it as well for free. The more referred users, the better! 

Create Your Free Swagbucks Account Here



This one’s different from the rest of the affiliate programs here. It’s a Pinterest scheduling tool which is actually pretty useful. The earnings opportunities aside, it’s tremendous even only for its functional value. It gives a huge boost to your marketing attempts on Pinterest, and as an affiliate opportunity, they pay generous commissions.

To gain the status of an affiliate, you’ll first have to sign up for an account on Tailwind. It won’t charge you money for it upfront, because there’s a free trial available. Once you being that trial, your affiliate link becomes available to you.

Share it through your blog to gather commissions! Based on how useful their services are, you’ll probably end up getting yourself a membership too. 

Start Your Free Tailwind Trial and Get Your Affiliate Links Now!



That huge phrase is actually the name of Elise McDowell’s miraculous eBook, which is also called “Paid by Pinterest” now. This program comes at a price, but you’ll probably make it all back (and then some) quicker than you think.

In her book, Elise highlights numerous strategies that any blogger or non-blogger can use to make affiliate sales immediately. Yes, you don’t even have to own a blog to take advantage of her tips.

Many people who buy this eBook make back double the cost within the first week or so, simply by using the methods highlighted inside. It’s a proven program, and its reputation rides on many positive reviews.

Check it out yourself and take advantage of the valuable affiliate sale ideas! 💡



Pinterest and its efficient usage are major keys to the marketing success of bloggers. You need to be a master at pinning well to make sure your marketing strategies succeed fruitfully.

Mastery in pinning can only be achieved once you understand how to use the website to the best of its potential. Well, look no further, because Pinterest Ninja teaches you just that.

Not only do you learn these valuable pinning tactics from this program, but you also get assistance in applying those skills to actually earn online. It’ll guide you smoothly through every complex detail related to effective pinning, helping you derive the finest strategy for the growth of your blog.

Megan Johnson is the author of the course, and her tips won’t let you down.



Various known bloggers use Siteground for their reliable hosting services. As a blogger, you’ve most probably heard of them by now. Some of the bloggers you look up to may actually be their promoters, you never know.

Their users speak highly of them and their performance and services are commonly recommended. Unlike a few of the programs suggested above, you don’t necessarily have to use Siteground to become an affiliate.

Even if you don’t want their web hosting services for your blog, you can still benefit from their strong affiliate commission rate. The requirements for getting in on their program aren’t that demanding either; they accept aspiring newbies too!  🙋

Sign Up For Siteground Now


Here’s another popular hosting platform. They’ve been around since 2001, and many bloggers have been using their services without complaints about over a decade. They’re known for their amazing customer service, snappy speeds, and an easy to use platform.

They offer some of the most affordable web hosting plans in the market. Considering the quality of their services, their prices are hard to beat. It’s always more fun to endorse products or services that you personally gain value from.

Become an affiliate and introduce your audience to their amazing services!



Anyone who’s serious about building an income source through blogging and/or affiliate marketing, but falls short on marketing time, should start using Traffic Wonker. It’s (an underrated) Pinterest scheduler that uses advanced artificial intelligence to monitor searches on Pinterest.

Through that, it builds a queue for you basing it on what’s grabbing people’s attention at a particular point in time. This tool just takes about five minutes every week to organize your pin library. Its A. I. features take care of the rest.

The best part is, even if it wasn’t offering an affiliate program, the marketing service alone makes it worth your while. However, you can get your affiliate link as soon as you sign up for their initial free trial.

Promote it for money, while also using it yourself to make the most out of Traffic Wonker! 💰



Ultimate Bundles is a group that pairs together bundles of different resources and products to sell them at slashed prices! In some rare packages, you could even score $2k worth of stuff for just a measly 50 bucks.

That huge of a margin may be pretty rare to find, but you’re sure to cut profits each time. Each bundle is usually themed under a particular genre; examples include essential oils, meals, crafting, and almost anything you (or your audience) would want.

It’s common for them to arrange generous giveaways or challenges for their customers, as a way to prime their audience for a new upcoming bundle. The good energy is contagious when you work with them!

Sign up and check them out to find out more.



Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? It’s the biggest electronic store in the world, and affiliates are welcome here. Just look for products that you think will genuinely add value to the lives of your audience, and feature them on your blog via affiliate links.

Every time a sale occurs through an affiliate link of yours, you make rewarding commissions passively, but that’s not even the best part.

Being an Amazon Associate has another unbelievable benefit. Any time a person clicks one of your affiliate links just to check out the product you recommended, they’ll automatically get cookied to you for the following 24 hours.

This means that any of their purchases made in those 24 hours, of absolutely any product on Amazon (not just your recommendation), will earn you a commission on it.  🤯



Are you in need of an efficient mailing list to manage all of your subscribers at once, providing them great content through emails? Mailchimp is just the program for you. It helps through an amazing automated service that does exactly as mentioned above. It helps save the precious time of bloggers, without even charging a single cent until you hit 2k subscribers.

Sign up free of cost, and become an affiliate for them as your mailing list gets started! 🤩


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Here’s What You Should Expect With Affiliate Marketing Programs

To eliminate the imminent fear of the unknown, it’s always best to know what exactly you’re getting into. In this section of the article, we’ll give you a snappy rundown of what you can look forward to upon signing up.

Firstly, almost all affiliate programs will start by inquiring about your name, your blog’s web address. Additionally, a short description of how you plan on promoting the product would also be required. You’ll have to inform them as to what you’ll be doing under the program. It could be sending promotional emails to subscribers, writing relevant blogs, or including affiliate links in your eBooks, etc.

To keep the promotions classy, most programs wouldn’t require you to be too ‘in-your-face’ with your visitors. Some brands even employ teams to monitor your website before letting you in. This is to ensure that you’re not being way too pushy or spammy with their affiliate links for more clicks. Once they’re totally satisfied with the legitimacy of your blog, they’ll send you an email with the good news. 📧

Keep in mind though, some big-deal affiliate programs may require more information upfront. This may include your business tax ID, or your social security details, paired with filling out a form or two. It enables them to file and submit tax forms in a proper format at the year-end, so keep that info handy. 


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