14 Websites That Will Pay You For Signing Up [Updated 2020]

14 Websites That Will Pay You For Signing Up
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Are you are in search of ways to make some extra cash? Then, you’ll be happy to find some websites that can actually help you in doing so. All you need to do is sign up, and they’ll pay you for it!

Yes, you heard it right! These are legal businesses that function online to expand their reach. Hence, offering an incentive for a sign-up; which is a certain amount of real money in most cases.

Let’s learn a few tips on making an extra few bucks.

At first, you need to set up an email account that is separate from your regular one in use. Once you sign up, there is a definite chance that your account will get flooded. Countless survey invites and popups appear, more so if you register with many sites.

Then you’ll have to spend ample time to create a profile. Fill out all the basic questions about yourself. Upon doing so, you’ll be eligible for a signup bonus!

There’s a saying that goes “nothing in this world comes without a cost”. In saying so, it means you’ll have to be an active participant and sacrifice some of your free time to use this site.

Now, a bit about these sites! 😀

1. Swagbucks

Get Free Money With Swagbucks

Sign Up Bonus: $5

This survey site that offers a complete range of offers, games, and tasks that you often search online. Swagbucks is of one the foremost leading ‘get paid site’ which is reaching great heights a time passes by.

If you ask me, I’d rank Swagbucks as one of my personal favorites due to its user-friendly activities. For instance, if you want to multi-task, this is your perfect remedy. Performing your boring household chores like cooking or cleaning, play these videos! You’ll get a chance to win free gift cards in return. 💳

2. InboxDollars

Sign Up Bonus: $5

As soon as you sign up, InboxDollars pays you an initial amount of $5

The site functions on a basic algorithm by serving as an assemblage for more survey sites. The site incorporates surveys from big renowned companies into their own. A few reviews suggest that sites like Survey Junkie or Vindale pay higher. But, if you’re still willing to use this site, it’s better to use their search option or making use of coupon clipping.

3. Survey Savvy Connect

Get a signup bonus of $5 on every device that gets registered!

For every device that installs their software, you earn $5 monthly. What’s great is that you can use it on up to 3 devices, each for $5. This means you receive a great opportunity to earn $15 every month! It’s all passive income once you’ve already installed the software.

They track your internet activity to identify trends and browsing decisions. Moreover, this survey allows you to increase your earnings as they keep occurring.

To gain and maintain a member’s status, make sure you fulfill certain requirements. You should never storm through surveys just to get them over with by clicking random answers. Always provide quality responses that represent your true opinion. Also, keep the most updated version of the program on your device. Try to fill out all the surveys that pop up on your dashboard. This type of behavior helps you achieve a distinguished member status!

4. Ebates

Get Paid With Paypal - Ebates/Rakuten

Sign Up Bonus:  $10 Walmart Cash or Gift Card

Ebates provides two main services: a coupon availing object and cashback amenity. Once you certify a purchase of $25 or even more, they’ll pay you an amount of $10. As you shop online – which I bet we all love to do – you get paid for your actions.

Ebates has more than two thousand stores on their site. You can shop online on them and get a chance to receive a cashback at your ease. If you ask me, I often use Ebates to avail of their rebates on almost all my Christmas gifts. Even travel bookings get me cashback! I’d recommend you all to check them out as soon as possible if you haven’t yet.

5. Ibotta

Sign Up Bonus: $5 

A query must be dangling on your mind, why choose Ibotta? Well, Ibotta is both, an Android and an IOS app. It pays you once you redeem offers and present proof of your purchases via Ibotta. The best part about them is that all sorts of food that you already buy have offers on them. . in fact, rumors are that Ibotta is now affiliated with Uber – so you should definitely give it a check.

As soon as you hit up an account balance of $20, Ibotta allows you to cash out your amount. You could do so via a Venmo or a Paypal account if not, you even have the liberty to select a gift card for yourself. Is it that easy! 👍🏼

6. Extrabux

Bonus sign up $5

Extrabux is one of the quickest through which you can receive your pays via a sign-up. They make sure to send you a confirmation email within minutes after the joining process. You’ll complete it in no time, it’s super simple to get through.

When it comes to coupons or cashback, Extrabux follows the same mechanism as that of Ebates. Once you reach a $10 amount in your account, you’re allowed to redeem rewards! Use Paypal to withdraw your earning or even donate the amount to a charity organization if you will.

7. MyPoints

Bonus sign up $10

Would you love getting paid for taking a simple survey or have an online shopping experience? Does getting paid for watching sponsored videos or redeeming coupons appeal to you? If yes, then MyPoints is the perfect platform for you to hop on. It’s much like earning cash for getting entertained, as crazy as that sounds. 🖥

8. Mobilexpression

Bonus sign up $5 Gift Card of Amazon

Mobilexpression is another unique platform where you earn rewards by installing the app. Download it on any device and become eligible for credits! You can cash these out for Amazon gift cards worth $5. Once you register and use the membership for one week, you qualify for their bonus. That $5 amount gets credited to your amount right away!

9. ShopTracker

Bonus sign up $3 Reward by Virtual Visa

ShopTracker functions as a tracker for any activity of online shopping. It’s affiliated with the Harris Poll brand, so you don’t have to worry about any security concerns. They’ve got a long history of secure and strong backup operations.

ShopTracker is super easy to operate. You only need to launch the application, register, and shop as you do. ShopTrcker scoops all your personal details such as billing information. This gets used for tracing your shopping routine and product choices. Within 48 hours of a regular sign up, you receive a Virtual Visa Reward. It’s worth $3 and gets credited to your account immediately. 💰

10. Vindale Research

Bonus sign up $2

If you enjoy surveys, then Vindale Research should be your first priority. It’s known for offering higher earnings to its members as compared to a notable few.

According to Vindale, you could earn up to an amount of $75 for a completed survey. That number is definitely pretty rare, but spend enough time and who knows, you might come across one!

If you are getting bored on a Sunday, you should definitely opt for their hour lasting survey. It offers an attractive amount of $14. If you ask me, this is the best way to kill some extra spare time. They even provide a $2 bonus upon signing up and $5 if you send in a selfie that includes your payment proof by Vindale.

11. GrabPoints

Bonus sign up $5

Join their site and earn a $5 bonus right off the bat! Answer polls, watch videos, download apps, and complete surveys to earn even more!

12. Point club

Bonus sign up $5 points

Earn $5 upon joining the survey site. Entering their daily competitions can earn you more points!

13. CashCrate

Bonus sign up $1

Although their bonus offer is low, you can earn more with many paid activities to choose from. These include shopping, friend referrals, survey answering, redeeming offers and product testing.

14. Fusion Cash

Bonus sign up $5

A brief survey filling and sign up can earn you up to $5 without a problem. It has already paid $1,536,811 and more to its participants. 💲

There it is, a remarkable list of various sites that pay you in return for a simple sign up!

If you want to pay for your vacation or earn various gift cards, then this is a go-to option. Now, start clicking those websites. Have fun earning!

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