23+ Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Cash

Best Survey Sites That Pay Cash
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Paid surveys make for a great way to make some extra money on the side. You’re in the cozy comfort of your home, just clicking away in your pajamas and getting paid. All you need to do is give your humble opinion on some surveys sent your way. There aren’t even any wrong answers, they just have to be ‘your’ answers. You could be using your laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop PC. Any modern device with internet connectivity would work.

By this time, all this must be sounding too good to be true. Questions about its legitimacy would be rising in your head by now. But rest assured, this concept has been around for years now. Many popular sites offer these paid surveys and they’ve got thousands of satisfied users. You can’t complain much if you get PayPal cash balance or gift cards for expressing your opinion. I’ll go ahead and say it, it’s one of THE easiest ways to earn online. 😃

While you’ll definitely be earning, expecting to get rich isn’t realistic. Yet, no one minds making an extra 100-200 bucks every month. It could fund a decent vacation, beef your savings account up, or just fund a shopping trip. If you’re interested, find out survey sites that pay real money below!  

Legit Paid Survey Sites for 2019

There’s no shortage of survey sites out there, that’s for sure. A lot of them are legit while some of them are scammers as well. It’s tricky to know which one is which, but you can rely on the ones listed here. 

Feel like signing up right away? Check out these popular sites. 

In this article, you’ll find details about ways to make money on survey websites. Sign up for more than one site at a time to reap maximum rewards! Afterward, once you know which sites work best, thin the list down. 🕵️‍♂️

#1. Swagbucks (Free $5 bonus)

Swagbucks isn’t just limited to filling out surveys. It offers 10+ creative ways to make real money online. It holds great rankings online, with an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau). Trustpilot gives them a ‘trust score’ of 8.3 out of 10. These are great ratings as compared to some other big survey sites. So far, Swagbucks has paid out a whopping $335 million+ in total to members. 

Upon signing up, you’re rewarded with a free bonus of $5. You can then each ‘Swagbucks’ for completing a range of tasks. These include watching videos, internet surfing, playing games and of course, taking surveys. Rewards can be earned even by making Swagbucks your default search engine!

Payments are made through PayPal, and getting retailer gift cards is also an option. These gift cards are for huge e-stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon etc. Even as little as 100 Swagbucks ($1) can be cashed out. 

Sign up now!

#2. Survey Junkie

When it comes to only offering surveys, hardly anyone else does it better than Survey Junkie. It’s got an amazing trust score of 8.6 on Trustpilot. With 10 million members worldwide, you just can’t doubt their legitimacy. I’ve written an entire blog post dedicated to them, and it’s worth checking out. (https://passiveskills.com/survey-junkie-review-2020/)

Sign up here and verify your account through the confirmation email you’ll get. Once you get through the profile completion, survey invites will roll in. You can start filling these out right away, using a tablet, smartphone, or computer. You can earn up to $5 for each survey! 

They reward users in the form of points. These can be redeemed for PayPal cash balance among other options. You could also choose to get gift cards for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc. You need to get to a thousand points before you cash out though. As you spend more time on the website, more lucrative surveys will become available. Aim for the ones that pay you the best price for your time! Some of them even offer $18 per hour, which is honestly nuts. 🤯

#3. Ipsos i-Say

This survey rewards community rides on three million members. Much like Survey Junkie, you can earn points by completing rewards on their website. Create an account here and complete your profile. Verify your email and you’ll shortly start getting invites for surveys. You’ll have an option to redeem the points you’ve earned through PayPal. Just like other survey websites, they also offer e-gift cards for famous retailers like Amazon. 

Register your account on Ipsos i-Say here.

#4. Inbox Dollars (Free $5 Bonus)

Here’s another rewards-based website that lets you earn money from the comfort of home! They’ve been around since 2000 and have paid a total of $57 million+ to users. They also own Inbox Pounds UK and Canada’s ‘Daily Rewards’. 

With them, many earning opportunities are available. Other than surveys, they pay members for a variety of other activities. Including watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and surfing the web in general. Even regular online shopping earns you rewards on Inbox Dollars

They let their members cash out on rewards by mailed checks!  Alternatively, they could go with the good old gift cards option. You need to have at least rewards worth $30 before you can redeem them. 💰

Sign up now and earn a $5 Bonus! 

#5. Vindale Research 

With Vindale Research, you’ve got a possibility of making $50 per survey. As crazy as that number is, it’s pretty rare to find such surveys. It’s a legit market research company, paying users for their honest opinions. They take members from Canada, the USA, Australia, and the U.K. They’ve paid a total of $7 million in total to their users. With a strong rating of 8/10 on Trustpilot, they’re definitely not scammers. 

You could take surveys that pay between a range of $.25 and $50. Participate in reading emails, watching videos, and refer friends to earn even more! Every survey or study you take up will let you know the payout beforehand. You can either get paid through mailed checks or PayPal transfers. You’ve got to have at least $50 to be able to withdraw. Each successful referral earns you $5! Pair that with some of the other paid activities and you should get there pretty soon. 

Create an account on Vindale Research here (Get a $1 bonus).

#6. Pinecone Research (Earn $3 to $5 per survey)

You can’t ignore Pinecone whenever the top market research companies get mentioned. With them, you’ll be getting some of the highest rates for taking surveys. They try to make the surveys worth their members’ time, and it shows. Most of the available ones on the website will pay you $3 or higher. 

To become a member, you’ll have to register through a  special invitation link. Once you successfully join them, you’ll be making money for product tests and surveys. When you first get to $3 (300 points), you’ll have to redeem it through a check in your mail.  Subsequently, you can withdraw via e-gift cards or Visa Prepaid cards as well. 💳

#7. MyPoints ($10 Bonus)

MyPoints has got over 10 million members, having earned a total of $236 million to date. The survey company started in 1996, and they’ve got an excellent Trustpilot rating of 8.6. 

To make money, you’ve got many different activities to choose from. Surveys are a common choice though. But playing games, watching videos, shopping, and reading emails also earns you cash. Visa prepaid cards and PayPal transfers are common withdrawal options. You could also redeem your earnings through electronic gift cards for over 70 retailers. As with some other survey companies, referrals earn you bonuses!

Sign up for MyPoints here and get a $10 bonus.

#8. Springboard America

They were founded in 2009. They provide lucrative opportunities to exchange opinions for cash. You can expect payouts of $0.5 to $5 per survey. You’ll get invites upon signing up to choose from paid surveys! Remember the golden rule, aim for surveys that take less time but pay more. Upon reaching the $50 minimum withdrawal limit, cash out for gift cards or PayPal balance. 

Sign up for Springboard America using this link.

#9. Panda Research

Panda research is a comparatively more recent market research company. They’ve paid a total of about $2.2 million to their members. They offer a variety of activities to earn money through, like Swagbucks and a few others above. These activities include surveys, reading emails, completing research studies and offers. Surveys are the main route members take though, and the survey takes 10 to 15 minutes on average. Payments are processed out to members on the 1st and 15th dates, so twice a month. You’ll have the option to request a withdrawal via PayPal upon reaching a balance of $50. 💵

Join Panda Research here

#10. Survey Club

Survey Club is one of the “OG” market research companies. They go way back, starting off in 2005. They’ve got a massive number of members signed up around the globe, currently standing at 16 million. It acts as a portal that gives you access to several other survey websites upon joining. 

In Survey Club, you’ll mainly get paid for filling surveys, as the name suggests. You’ll never really run out of them since it links to other websites for the members. You can also get paid for participating in clinical trials, studies, and focus groups. Once you’ve gathered a decent amount of money, cash out through Amazon gift cards. 

Sign up with SurveyClub now and start earning

#11. VIP Voice

Some survey sites are a must-try in this list, this is one of them. With an A+ rating from BBB, you just can’t go wrong by signing up with them. They’re a part of the NPD group, and they’ve been around since 1967 – Woah. Conducting over 12,000,000 surveys every year, they’ll definitely have plenty for you to cover. 

You earn points by joining and then taking surveys. These can be used to gain entries into sweepstakes! Their rewards are a bit different from other survey websites, but that’s what makes them stand out. In addition to sweepstakes, there are many chances to win gift cards, vacays, and other prizes! 🤑

Sign up here.

#12. Opinion Outpost

Through the wonders of market research, Opinion Outpost helps major companies improve their products. They do this by linking their members’ opinions with these businesses. The companies get to make better products based on their findings, while people get to monetize their opinions. Everybody wins! 

They’ve been around since 1997, and have a great 7.9 Trust pilot rating. Sign up and start earning $0.5 to $5 right away. You can redeem your balance when it gets to $5 (1 – 2 surveys worth). Payment options include Amazon and iTunes gift cards and PayPal. On a quarterly basis, lucky draws for $10,000 are also held! 

#13. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion has over 7 million members. They’ve paid a total of $30 million in exchange for mere ‘consumer opinions’! Some of their surveys could pay considerably large amounts! The range goes from $1 to $50 per survey. Check new products, test out advertising, or take surveys to get paid. Get your balance up to $10 (1,000 points) to be able to cash out through Hyperwallet or PayPal. 

Join American Consumer Opinion here.

#14. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Anyone who’s even a tiny bit market research savvy would have heard Nielsen’s name. It’s an international market research corporation. They’re widely known for the ‘Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel”. 

Download the app to either your smartphone or computer (each has different rewards). It tracks your internet browsing data and uses it for research purposes. They focus on knowing the latest internet trends as a way of improving their products. The app isn’t interested in your private information, but the browsing choices you make. Your privacy remains safe, that’s Nielsen’s promise. 

The computer installation of the panel enters you into the monthly sweepstakes. If you don’t know what sweepstakes are, just know that you’ll have a chance to win up to $10,000. For installing and keeping the app on your phone, you’ll get $50 annually. 👍

Get Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel here.

#15. Mobilexpression ($5 in one week)

You don’t even have to fill out surveys to make money through this program. It functions almost exactly like Nielsen’s panel. All you need to do is keep it installed in your device, and leave it there. Upon completion of one week, you’ll earn a $5 gift card for Amazon. Stay active after that first week to gain more weekly credits, which turn into more gift cards! 

As a wholesome act of kindness, they’ll even plant a tree upon 90 days of being a member. 

#16. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a survey-rewards website that started off back in 2007. They’ve managed to gather 8 million members, having paid out $17 million to them in rewards so far. Trustpilot gives them a trust score of 7/10 – that’s not bad at all. 

You gain points through paid surveys. Redeem them for cash via PayPal or electronic retailer gift cards. Watch videos and complete other tasks to each more rewards on the website! 

Join PrizeRebel here! 

#17. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a known name in the realm of market research. One thing’s certain, there’s no doubt on their integrity. Being one of the oldest survey websites of the USA, they’ve got one huge legacy to back them up. They’ve also got a well-deserve A rating on the Better Business Bureau. 

You can take part in surveys of your choice to make HIPoints. They’re redeemable for merchandise and gift cards! 💁🏻

Sign up with Harris Poll Online here. 

#18. Global Test Market

Lightspeed, the owner of Global Test Market, is listed among the top market research companies worldwide. With them, there’s hardly any question to be raised about potential illegitimacy. If that’s not convincing enough, hear me out. Global Test Market paid out $30 million for surveys in 2016 alone. 

Register now and get invites for high-paying surveys; worth up to $5 each. To redeem your hard-earned points, you could either get the balance on PayPal or e-gift cards! Sweepstakes are held regularly as well, so feel free to participate in those. 

Register with Global Test Market here.

#19. National Consumer Panel

Nielsen and IRI manage the National Consumer Panel in the United States. 

The National Consumer Panel (NCP) will send out a scanner to you, or you can simply download an app. Through it, just scan barcodes on your weekly grocery shopping items. Doing this, you earn points that are redeemable for sweepstake entries and merchandise!

Sign up as a member of the National Consumer Panel here.

#20. SurveyRewardz

Currently, they’re taking members from Canada, United States, Australia, and the U.K. Just fill out surveys and get paid – simple as that. With SurveyRewards, several payment options are available. You could get paid through PayPal, Visa Prepaid Card, Payza, Dwolla, or mailed checks. 🙌🏼

Join SurveyRewardz here.

#21. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is an up-and-coming survey company that’s proved to be promising. It’s currently accessible from the USA, France, Spain, Canada and a few other countries. As with other websites of its sort, you could earn points for completing surveys. Every 1,000 of their points is worth $1 of real money. Gather 25,000 points to request your first cash out!  

Sign up with OneOpinion here.

#22. MySurvey (LifePoints)

Lightspeed, as mentioned above, ranks among the top market research companies internationally. MySurvey changed its brand name to LifePoints pretty recently. They’ve got over 5 million members and their user reviews are mostly positive. 

You could test products and fill out online surveys to earn ‘LifePoints’. These points can be redeemed for cash balance on PayPal or retailer e-gift cards. 

#23. Earning Station (Earn $10 right away)

Earning Station pays users to choose from and perform many different tasks. Online shopping, playing games, watching videos and taking surveys are all included. You can either cash out using PayPal or through electronic gift cards for popular retailers. 

Register as a member of Earning Station now and start right away! 👌🏼

How to Make Real Money from Online Surveys

Taking surveys is a super popular way to earn money online, but it’s not the only one. I’ve covered many efficient ways to make passive income online in this article.

Annually, it’s realistic to expect an income of a few hundred dollars through surveys. It should always be seen as a side source of income, but it all adds up. But if you’re going to do it, why not make the most out of it? Keep the following tips in mind to do so;  

  • Pick several legit survey websites, and sign up for all of them. By joining more than one company, you’ll always have sites to experiment with. Find out which ones are actually worth it, and do away with the rest.
  • Make sure you make survey website accounts with an email address that’s dedicated to it. You’ll be shocked to see how quick they clog up your inbox!
  • Steer clear of shady survey websites! The list I’ve made in this article features tried and tested ones. They’re all legit. Don’t get roped in by scammers because of their stupidly high pay rates. Some known red signals with scam sites are; 
    • They make huge promises! E.g. making you rich. No survey site makes you rich unless you win one of those quarterly lucky draws. 
    • Sign up fees. That’s a big no-no. In any case, never ever provide your bank or credit card details to survey websites. 
    • They’ve got super high cash-out thresholds. Stay away from websites that have got unnecessarily high withdrawal balance requirements! This may be an attempt to get free surveys out of you. 
    • Their privacy policies are suspicious. 

With that said, you know all you need to know before venturing into the realm of paid surveys. Try these websites out right away! 🤩

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