The Ultimate List Of Affiliate Marketing Resources [Updated 2020]

The Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Resources
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No matter how skillful a swordsman is, he’d be useless without a sword in his hands. Similarly, to ensure success in online business, you’ve got to have the right tools and resources by your side. In this article, I’ve focused on helping you start and grow an amazing blog, using the perfect tools for it!

This article compiles them in a list for you to pick and choose whichever you want. Now, I understand the financial struggles in the life of a newbie blogger. If you’re taking this on full-time, you probably can’t afford even the slightest outflow of money. Keeping this in mind, I’ve tried to include mainly the free ones blogging tools! But some paid resources just offer way too much value for this list of affiliate marketing resources to exclude them.

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The Ultimate List Of Affiliate Marketing Resources

You’ll find a mix of free and paid tools listed here, but all of them will add value to your blogging life. Anything that doesn’t save your time and/or money isn’t included here. Some of these resources won’t just decrease your spending, but they’ll even help you earn more. Check out what I’ve gathered, take what you want, and venture forwards in the realm of affiliate marketing! 😃



NameCheap is a registrar of domain names and they’ve been around for a long time. Their name fits them well – the services they offer are super cheap. For a cheap price, you get top-of-the-line services and helpful customer support. Their average domain costs about 10 bucks per annum but NameCheap also offers some at $0.88 annually!

Remember to always grab a domain with .com or .net. Any other choice will cause your blog to lose ranks in Google search results.

Click here to grab a domain at a great price!


BlueHost ($3.95/month)

Bluehost is by far one of the most well known and respected hosted companies online, they are also extremely cheap compared to some other hosting companies.

One thing I have always liked about Bluehost is that they provide you a lot of additional resources such as templates and designs to start your website, this is great for Beginners.

You won’t go wrong with Bluehost. Click here to get Bluehost for only $3.95 a month through my special link


It’s hard to find hosting services like Hostgator. You don’t have to worry about downtime at all! They have a customer support system you can always count on. They’ll respond to your problems fast and work towards getting it solved.

Click here and get quality hosting services for under 4 bucks a month


Yes, Hostgator is a great hosting service and they won’t give you a chance to complain. But it’s worth noting Siteground too! I’ve read super heartfelt reviews that speak highly of it. You’ll get reliable hosting services for much cheaper rates compared to the market. If you’re thinking about starting out a blog, make sure you consider Siteground too! 👌

You’ve already got yourself a kick-ass domain name through Namecheap. You’ve signed up with Hostgator or Siteground for hosting services. Now, the next step would be to aim for a great content management system (CMS) to get you going. A great CMS would allow you to post blog posts with images and videos comfortably! Well, look no further – WordPress has your back.

It’s a free service that offers an open-source CMS, allowing you to manage your blog’s content efficiently! You can even find a whole bunch of free WordPress themes here. This means you won’t even be spending a single penny on a customized theme for your blog.


They started back in 2003 and people have used their services to create stunning websites! Not only do they offer an amazing CMS, but they also cover your domain registry and hosting needs. Make sure you check them out and consider using their services to get everything you need from one place.


Without a great theme to flow smoothly across a blog, a website wouldn’t be complete. Visit the websites I’ve listed here to find the right theme to complement your blog.


With over 34,000 website templates available, this truly is a forest of themes. If you’re looking to make no compromises in your blog’s theme department, this is the website for you. 👍

Click here and grab the theme of your dreams!

Elegant Themes

Just like ThemeForest, they rank among the top players in the website theme marketplace. You can choose from a huge collection and you’ll surely find the one you need. You’ll be able to get a hold on about 87 themes for a price of $67 – Woah!

Start looking for your favorite themes now.


This is a website that has a bunch of premium themes & plugins, the nice part about Themeisle is that most of their themes and plugins are catered more towards people actually trying to make money online not just build Company/branded websites. You will find a lot of useful themes and plugins here for sure.

Check out Theme Isle Here

Creative Market

This website was founded about 7 years ago but their growth has been surprisingly fast. They’ve always focused on improving the quality of everything they offer. By ‘everything’, I mean fonts, stock images, fonts, themes, graphics, and other digital products. Through Creative Market, over 20,000 creators work independently to bring you high-quality content. You don’t have to spend every time you visit their website, owing to the ‘Free Foods of the Week’ section.

A Prettier Web

As the name tells you, this website focuses on making the entire internet look prettier. If every site used their themes, this goal would actually be achieved. They feature hundreds of gorgeous WordPress themes! Most of them are specially designed for female entrepreneurs, but they have other categories too. You’ll be able to choose from categories of businesswomen, course creators, and lifestyle bloggers.

Sign up now and get 100+ free WordPress plugins!


Bluchic keeps all sorts of bloggers in mind, the new ones and the old, the rich ones and the poor! They feature premium (paid) and free themes but they’re particularly made for female bloggers. Just like A Prettier Web, Bluchic focuses on catering to the needs of online businesswomen.

Every theme looks unique, responsive and eye-catching. Over 20,000 female business owners comprise their list of satisfied customers. 😄

Click here and see what they’ve got to offer!


WP Product Review

This plugin will definitely come in handy if you have or are starting any type of review blog, it gives you the ability to creating rating tables so you can rate and rank products, it has a ton of cool features and shortcodes that will make your review blog look legit. this is a great one you can check it out here


Whether you’re just starting blogging or already have years of experience, this is a must-have. This plugin keeps you safe and protected from spam.

As your blog starts to get higher traffic and grows in numbers, you’ll start getting spam comments. Most of these promote shady websites that are harmful to your readers. They’ll keep slapping on irrelevant content with links, filling up your comments section with junk. With Akismet, you’ll save yourself valuable hours of scrolling and deleting such comments. As you get more and more of these, your need for a plugin like this will only grow wilder. Before things get out of hand, get your hands on Akismet right now!


Rankmath is a free SEO plugin similar to Yoast but in my opinion, much better, once you set it up they tell you exactly what you need to do to SEO optimize and rank on all your pages, posts, etc.. It is a great plugin and even if it was not free I would still buy it. Oh and by the way it also integrates with google analytics and search console so it will give you all of your ranking data inside the plugin.  You can get Rankmath for free here

Yoast for SEO

Use Yoast for making sure your blog appears higher in Google’s search results every time! It analyzes and optimizes your titles, descriptions, content, and even images to get the best results. Save your time by automating the entire process of optimizing your content for more traffic.


It’s a plugin that packs 5 helpful features in 1. You’ll find a ton of handy qualities that your website needs from it. Through their ‘related posts’ feature, you can get visitors to read other relevant blogs on your website. Use the share buttons from JetPack to direct traffic to your social media.

Moreover, the ‘publicize’ feature works like the bell icon on YouTube subscriptions. It sends alerts to your regular readers whenever you post! The best part? JetPack is totally free to use.

 WP Super Cache

Everyone hates a website that always takes centuries to load up pages. It’s something that makes people stay away from your blog even if the content relates to them. The overall user experience suffers, and no blogger wants that to happen.

Install WP Super Cache and it’ll delete all the cached files, making your website load much faster. Slowly but surely, this will lead to the high traffic that actually returns to your blog. 🙌🏻

WP Smush

Add this plugin to your website to reduce the hefty sizes of all the images you’ve featured on blogs. Don’t worry though, the qualities of those images wouldn’t suffer. They’ll just stop slowing your website down, which leads to pleased users. The whole UI works faster when the images on its drop sizes! As an alternative, use TinyPing for the same services.

Start using WP Smush and enhance the visitors’ user experience!

Google Analytics for WordPress

Through GoogleAnalytics, you’ll get to track visitors to your blog! MonsterInsights created this legendary plugin and it has since been used by countless bloggers. If you haven’t started using it yet, just insert its tracking code on your blog and you’re good to go.

Find out more here!

Revive Old Posts

Through this plugin, you’ll be able to steer the traffic towards your old blog posts. Never let your previous content die by bringing visitors from your social media! Using this plugin, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your older posts by sharing them on your FB or Twitter. It functions almost the same as BoardBooster or Tailwind does for Pinterest.

Get this plugin here!



As a successful blogger, keeping an eye on competitors is crucial. This tool was designed for effectively spying on one’s competition online. You could see their position, their top keywords, trends, and the number of backlinks they’ve got. Find out what’s working for other people in your field and employ those techniques to grow faster! 📈


Much like Ahrefs, this is a competitor oriented tool. The only difference is that it has a particular focus on keyword research. But that’s not the only thing it features; you could also see their rankings. Besides scanning details about your competitor, you’ll be able to observe your own blog’s numbers.

Click here and register with SEMrush for a 14-day trial.

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a great tool that helps you find the perfect keywords for your website. It’s provided by Google, so there’s no doubt about the quality and functionality it offers. You’d be happy to know that it’s totally free of cost too! All you’ll need to do is insert potential keywords in this tool’s search bar, and look at the results. It’ll tell you how effective a keyword is based on its monthly and annual Google search volume.


Ubersuggest is another keyword tool that generates productive keywords for bloggers. This tool is also free, so you can pair it with Google’s Keyword Planner to make sure you include the best keywords. Since you can get it for free, there’s no reason for not having it by your side! 🤷

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, you’ll be able to come up with much better headlines for your content. Use it to run your post titles through and get the best results! Just insert your title idea and hit the ‘Analyze Now’ button to let it work its magic. Within a few moments, it’ll show you the results in real-time. It reports on headline type, its length, the balance of words, and the keywords used in it. It’s a great tool to have as a blog writer, trust me!

Get it here!


Does Grammarly even need a description? It’s a famous digital product that even non-bloggers love to use. It checks and gets rid of technical grammatical mistakes from the content it checks. It improves and elevates the class of your content noticeably. Install its browser extension and it’ll even highlight errors in your social media posts! The main product is free, but it does have paid variations that provide in-depth corrections.

Get this must-have product now!


Ever thought your website’s pages could use some work? Get this free SEO tool to review your website and highlight the areas that need attention.


Get Response

For beginners, this is by far my #1 recommendation.

Get Response is super easy to use and has all the features any beginner would need. They even have a built-in landing page builder that you can use to build opt-in pages to grow your list, or use it to sell your products, it is pretty cool. I highly encourage you to check it out.

  • Beautiful templates
  • Amazing automation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Affordable

Get Started With Get Response For Free Here


Aweber makes it super simple and seamless to create email lists of subscribers. Through their autoresponder system, you’ll be able to send out promotional emails automatically. 👏 

Aweber has been around forever and is one of the most well-known autoresponders in the world, you won’t go wrong here. Oh yeah they are also super affordable.

Click here to Use my link and get a Free 30 Day Trial trial


Convertkit hasn’t been around for a very long time, but it’s got bloggers talking about it. They offer a generous 1-month free trial to let users know what it offers. It automates the hard parts of a blogger’s life, including landing pages, email lists, and tagging subs.


Much like ConvertKit, MailerLite also offers remarkable automation. The lesser a blogger’s involvement is in technical parts of running the blog, the better. It all translates into better content quality since the bloggers get more time to channel their creativity. MailerLite’s services are even cheaper than Convertkit’s, so it’s a great option for new bloggers.

Click here now and get a 1,000 subscriber plan free of cost!


SumoMe has easily above a dozen handy tools that’ll definitely help in growing your blog! Their floating buttons link your social media – they look and function really well. The variety of options it gives to bloggers is priceless, and it’s a must-have tool for me. 



With SocialPilot, you’ll be able to schedule your posts beforehand. You can set them to be sent out after pre-set periods to several social media platforms. Its analytics feature helps you observe and compare the shares and likes every post gets. 👀

Get it here!

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a top-of-the-line social sharing plugin that works in quite the same way as SumoMe. However, its list of features is even stronger! Your social media buttons will appear in, above, or below your posts, as you’d prefer. Even if you change your domain, Social Warfare could recover your social likes and shares!


It’s a pin scheduling tool which helps a lot with your marketing at Pinterest. It’ll send out pin-worthy photos to particular boards at pre-set times. It even deeply analyzes your pins and gets rid of the ones gathering the least amount of engagement.

It lets the user decide whether to go with the free or paid version of Boardbooster. The free, basic product brings you 100 free pins. Pay $5 for the paid plan and get 500 pins!


It works almost the same as BoardBooster does. It’s also a similar pin scheduler that posts on your Pinterest boards. It can also help you with your Instagram! 💁🏻

Click here and avail Tailwind’s free 1-month trial!



Canva is honestly one of the best graphic design tools out there for blogs. If you’ve never explored the Photoshop realm, this is the tool for you. It’ll allow you to make stunning title images for blog posts, Pinterest pins, and Facebook post photos. The photos created with Canva stand out and help your brand gain traction! Though the paid option works better, you’ll do just fine with the free version of Canva too!


Here’s another helpful photo editing tool that makes it easier for bloggers to create images. It delivers results close to Canva, sometimes better, sometimes worse. They’ve also got a free and paid variant, so try PicMonkey out and see what works best for you.

99 Designs

Design and branding play a huge part in making a business successful. For custom-made professionally designed logos, 99 Designs should be your go-to. The professionals will make it worth your money, trust, and time!

Stock Photo Sites

Female themed stock photos

  • Ivorymix

  • A Prettier Web

  • Wonderfelle

Free Font Sites

Awesome FontStacks

Their name says it all, honestly. If you’re looking for unique fonts that stand out, you’ll find them on Awesome FontStacks. Use this tool to mix and match your fonts subtly and give your content a classy visual touch. 📲

Other sites to check out

  • DaFonts

  • Google Fonts

  • 1001 Free Fonts

  • Font Squirrel

Color Pallete Sites

  • Canva Palette Generator


  • Color Palette FX



“Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”

This blogging course has been the talk of the town ever since it came out. It’s revolutionized the journey for many people! That’s mainly because its teachings stem from real experiences. The teacher, Michelle Schroeder, made six-figure earnings in her first blogging year! She put out this course to give valuable tips as to how everybody can do so.

Countless positive reviews can be found about this course on the internet. The information, if you absorb and understand it, is truly priceless. You’d also love to gain exclusive access to the ‘Facebook Mastermind’ group. There, you’ll get to interact with other people who took the course. Share tips, experiences, ask questions and interact as much as you want in this active group! 💯

Blog by Number

Suzi from is the author of this miraculous eBook on blogging. She grew her personal blog into a business that started yielding $11k monthly in its first year! Most of her money came from affiliate marketing commissions and selling services. Her valuable blogging experiences are condensed down into simple steps in this eBook. Follow that path and start moving closer to your goals!

Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook

This video course will teach you intricate details on how you should launch a blog and propel it to success. Abby Lawson, from, teaches you the strategies that worked for her. She tells you how she was able to turn her little blog into a high-revenue business. Through this course, you’ll get methods that are tried and tested in the real world. Use these surefire techniques to grow your blog slowly but surely!

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