Cash For Apps Full Review: Is it Worth It Or A Scam (Updated 2020)

Cash For Apps Review
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We all spend a large chunk of our time on our phones – probably even more than we’d think. Some people don’t give too much thought to it, but others feel guilty. I’m always worried about my screen time, thinking about how much I could get done in all those hours. 

Well, it turns out, your screen time doesn’t have to be non-productive anymore. Apps like ‘Cash for Apps’ could be the change you need! They pay people to download and try other apps, and that’s something I could totally see myself doing in my free time. 

All that’s left to do before you download the app, is to find out if it’s legit and worth your time. For that, this review has got you covered. Let’s dive right in.😃

What is Cash for Apps?

It’s an app for your phone that pays people to download and use other third-party applications. It was founded by digital marketing company MobVantage Marketing limited. It’s gained quite a bit of popularity ever since! It’s rated 4.5/5 on Google Play Store, as an average for 360,000+ reviews. 

How Does Cash for Apps Work?

You’ve got to follow these simple steps; 

  • Download their app 
  • Start installing featured apps you see inside
  • Complete the requirements of the app to get the reward points
  • Wait for your reward, and redeem it for gift cards! 

Once you get your reward, you can also uninstall the app if you wish – no questions asked. For points to show up, the app could take up to 24 hours. There’s a ton of different gift cards you could get in exchange for them. These include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and much, much more! 😯

How Much Money Can I Make with Cash for Apps?

How much can I make with Cash for apps?

If you make about 3000 points on the app, that’s a $10 gift card for you. Each featured app you download will give you about 50 to 300 points. The more active you are with these downloads, the quicker you’ll make money. 

Some days, the app features new downloadable apps, while some days are dry. There won’t always be more apps to install and make money from – keep that in mind. 

One other way you can make money on this app is by referring friends. You’ll get 90 points apiece for each iOS user you refer, and 45 points for each Android user. When they use your referral code on their account, you’ll also get an additional 20 points. Refer as much as you want, there’s no limit on that. 😏

How Do I Sign Up For Cash for Apps?

How Do I Sign Up For Cash For Apps

The startup process is pretty simple, you don’t need much to get it done. Just download the free app and signup with your email. Pick a password, and you’re done. It’s available to download in any country, but some downloadable app sponsors could depend on the user’s location. 

It may be new to find out you could get paid just to download apps. Actually, you can get real money for other tasks online too! Apps like InboxDollars, FusionCash, and Swagbucks make that possible. You could get paid for doing things that you regularly do anyway. These include activities like watching videos, playing games, checking and answering emails, etc. 💻

Cash for Apps Hacks

A ton of websites out there claim that they can get you thousands of in-app points for this app. I don’t see how that could possibly work, but that’d definitely be illegal – you’d essentially be stealing money. Don’t trust everything these app manufacturers claim, especially when they promise you free money. 

Here are some white-hat tips for you, to make sure you at least get your earned rewards every time. 

Keep the downloaded apps on your phone 

Keep The Downloaded Apps On Your Phone

Don’t get rid of these downloads until you receive your payment for installing them. By that, I don’t mean when you get the points, but until actually redeeming them for gift cards! You never know, it’s always better to keep your payday secure from all potential risks. 

Stay away from Proxies and VPNs

Yes, web browsing privacy is great with your day-to-day internet activities. When it comes to ‘Cash for Apps’ though, you’re most likely better off without it. Many people get banned for using a VPN service while earning points. It’s not allowed, so you’re gonna have to keep the IP masks off for this one. 💁🏾

Clear your cookies and cache before re-downloading apps

By re-downloading, I mean whenever you download an app you’ve previously installed. You can’t really earn rewards for downloading an app twice. Sponsors would see that as double downloads, and you wouldn’t get paid. Clear the cache and cookies before you download something you previously had!  

Cash for Apps Complaints

Cash For Apps Complaints

The logistics of the app have been mainly covered, and it’s all sounding pretty good so far. But there’s some downsides and negative reviews to their name too – and it’s time to look at those. It could be a major factor in making a decision to use the app or not. 

The apps to download run out

Here’s a common problem – you wouldn’t always have the stuff to download. The app features limited downloadable apps in exchange for money, but it gets worse. People claim that once you rack up a thousand points on the app, downloads get rarer. Featured apps become harder and harder to find, especially if you’re nowhere close to Europe or the US. 

No real money

Cash For Apps - No Real Money

Yes, the gift cards you get in exchange for points are real, but there’s no real money. You can’t cash out through mailed checks or bank transfers, that’s just not an option. 😒

If you’re looking for real money out of applications, some of the examples we’ve mentioned above might help. Such as,, and You can make money just by surfing the web, streaming videos, and online shopping – try them! 

The bugs get annoying!

A lot of complaints about bugs are circling around the ‘Cash for Apps’ forums. Most of them have to do with midway lags and random crashes. Even if you update the app, it’s still the same for now. The company seemingly does little to nothing about the problems people are having, so that’s a bummer. 

Some apps they list go against their rules

Apps Against Cash For Apps Rules

Do you know how I told you that they don’t allow VPN usage while you use their app? Well, turns out, they feature a few VPN apps here and there, paying you points to download and use them. That’s super counterintuitive, for obvious reasons.

What’s the use of listing VPN apps if you’ll just ban members for using it? Some complaints say that they downloaded a VPN app just for rewards, and later found out it’s against the rules. How does that make any sense? 🤔

Make sure you read out the terms and conditions properly to avoid absurd situations like these. You don’t want to download apps that could mess up your record, even if they list them. It’s always good to dodge any possibility of bans, and your hard-earned rewards going to waste. 

Don’t quit your day job

I’m sure you don’t think you’ll get rich with this app, but you wouldn’t even get a stable income source out of it either. It doesn’t pay you real money, and even if you lived off gift cards, they wouldn’t be enough. It could take months to get to your first 3000 points (i.e. $10), so don’t think it’ll help you make it big. 

Cash for Apps Alternatives

Cash For Apps alternatives

Yes, the complaints are pretty overwhelming. It’s understandable to look elsewhere for money-making apps – I probably would too!,, and are great alternatives. You’d be making real money out of them, for the activities that much more fun than downloading apps. 😄

Is Cash for Apps Legit Or A Scam?

The straight answer would be no. You can’t call them a scam, but they’re not good enough. They’ll reward you, yes, but only after making you work your ass off for it. You might also need to go through their terms and conditions just to make sure you don’t lose your rewards. Stuff like that just makes it an unattractive option, but still, not a scam. 

The app sounds even worse when you compare it to other alternatives that pay more for doing less. You could watch entertaining videos and use the internet just as you like, and still, get paid in real cash. The alternatives I’ve mentioned above make that possible, so why download apps for gift cards? 🤷‍

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