Clickfunnels Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

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Clickfunnels comes with a ton of hype, but it also comes with a large price tag. It’s worth it if it’s really going to make you more money than it costs, but will it? Will you make profits through it or just drain your account? I’ve lined up all the information you need in this detailed Clickfunnels Review – so read to the end! 🧐

Here’s what I like;

What I Like About Clickfunnels
  • It has an awesome affiliate plan for you!
  • It’s super easy to use. 
  • Introduces a simple way to copy, share, and duplicate sales funnels. 
  • Some really thoughtful, unique, and valuable features come in-built. 
  • They keep adding more and more features with time and demand.

Here’s What I don’t Like;

What I don't like about clickfunnels
  • There’s no 24-hour customer support chat available. 
  • High monthly cost
  • There are limits on the number of visitors and funnels. 

If you’re considering their platform and wondering if it’s the right fit, I’ll help you make that decision. No matter what type of business you have, whether it’s local or e-commerce set up, you can use this service. You could just be a full-time affiliate marketer and Clickfunnels is still going to make your life easier. 👌

For a long time, Clickfunnels had been considered as ‘the best’ platform to make a great-looking landing page. They were one of the first ones to come out with easy drag-drop features to make landing pages. That allowed people to make sales funnels exactly according to their needs – quick, easy, and simple! But the market is filled with competitors now, and many other platforms have picked up speed. 

You could find similar services for lower prices, but it’s not just landing pages, is it? That’s the thing, you’ll have to compare products based on a number of features… That’s frustrating, I know, but I’m I’ll make it easier for you.  

A whole lot of people are out in the search of the right online marketing platform for them. This is an honest review for you to truly find out what’s best for you. As great as Clickfunnels is, it’s really not for everyone. 

What Is ClickFunnels?

What is Clickfunnels

The service was developed about 4 years ago by Russel Brunson and his team. As I said, they’re pioneers of the drag-and-drop feature to create landing pages. Before them, people designed sales pages themselves with HTML or used software like Leadpages. 😪

There wasn’t a lot of competition in regards to making sales pages back then. Some of the market’s best sales pages at the time would be seen as corny and tacky these days. But that only became possible with the healthy competition that began with Clickfunnels. All that’s left to decide is, are they still worth it? 

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

Clickfunnels allows online business owners to create their landing pages and funnels easily. Creating a membership site is also super simple using a platform like Clickfunnels. They integrate with Stripe and Paypal too, including many other payment processors. This makes it a go-to for the online marketing community! 

For instance, imagine you’re a fitness coach who does one-on-one consultation sessions. You also offer an online course, but all you need is the right people to know about you. That’s where Clickfunnels comes into play. They’ll send traffic to your sales page! 

What does clickfunnels do

That page should give them a choice as to whether or not they’d like to join your email list. Once they get in, they get an option to get a free e-book or buy your course. If they end up buying your course, they’ll get another page that offers them one-on-one sessions with you. See how the system acts as a ‘funnel’ for your traffic? You could get all this on Clickfunnels without paying for any other software. 

Clickfunnels also shows detailed analytics to tell you about your landing page’s success rate. This is important because if it’s just an ineffective landing page, all that traffic would go to waste. Not only does it provide analytics, but it also allows you to split test your pages to optimize them! It works hand-in-hand with you to maximize sales and leads. 😀

What is a Sales Funnel?

What is a sales funnel

In the example above, you might have sketched a vague idea of what a ‘sales funnel’ is. It’s important to understand what they really are, and what they do, before moving forward. They’re essentially meant to get you the email addresses of potential buyers. That’s the start of a business relationship between buyer and seller, so it’s crucial! 

But only getting an email address won’t seal the deal – nope. You still need to make the sale, right? But the quicker you get that email, the higher your chances are to sell your products to them. Use effective email sequences to make the recipient pre-sold on your services or products. 

Just like a book, you need to form an emotional bond with your audience. Building genuine trust is possibly the most important intangible asset in any business. Once you’ve gained that, purchase decisions become super easy to make for customers. 

Clickfunnels review

The method of sales funnel doesn’t stop at getting the email addresses of potential clients. It requires you to bring them to an actual sales page now. Such a page needs to stand out, it needs to look special – even lifechanging. Format it in a way that people just can’t click away, and feel deeply interested. It has to be compelling enough to not allow people to go without making a purchase. 🤑

A successful sales page mostly consists of a super-catchy headline, with videos and images. Use bullet points to list the product’s benefits clearly and attractively. Let the people know how their life could directly benefit from what you’ve got in store for them. This keeps each visitor excited to know more, leading up to a successful sale. 

Once they enter their credit card and buy your product, this journey needs to continue. You’re not a scammer who makes one-time value-less sales and runs away, no. Preserve and grow this warm relationship between you and your customer! Bring them compelling deals and one-time offers, introducing them to other upsells, etc. 

Clickfunnels Review

The end goal is to maximize the amount of profit you make from each customer and potential customer. That may sound not as big, but it could bring unimaginable changes to your business income. Picture this; 

Your company has a conversation rate of 10% for each visitor that reached your sales funnel. If every item is $10 each, netting you a $5 profit, you’ll get $50 profit on 100 visitors. That’s assuming that you make 10 sales on average with 100 total visitors. 

Now, if you were able to upsell 30% of your customers, what would happen? They decide to spend $10 extra on add-ons, while another 10% sign up for an annual package of $500. 

Now, in this revised situation, you get a trio of additional items and an annual package out of 10 sales. The same number of items sold now net you a profit of $600 – that’s a straight-up 1200% boost. 😯

Clickfunnels review

Maximized profit margins allow business owners to invest more and outspend their rivals. You could advertise more, give out more free trials, spend more on marketing campaigns. You could also spend on increasing the number of customers that walk into your funnel. All these smart moves start to multiply your earnings at a fast pace if you play your cards right!  

But there’s not just one type of sales funnel available in the market. It’s important to choose one that fits your business model like a tailor-made suit. That used to be a difficult find, but these days, not so much. Clickfunnels is designed flexible enough to cater to most businesses, so let’s talk more about them. 

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

Clickfunnels has quite a few qualities that set it above the competition. Let’s check them out in detail. 

Let’s start with the mail thing – it builds complete sales funnels for users according to their needs. It just works, does what it needs to do, and brings noticeable results. 

Building sales pages is also ever so easy with Clickfunnels. They offer great tools to create customized pages, allowing for upsells and downsells and whatnot. They also feature an autoresponder that lets you easily send out email sequences to people who opt-in. All of that is just the beginning! 😏

How does clickfunnels work

They also let you set up the funnel pages fairly quick, without much of a hassle. Their in-built email marketing software also comes in handy. This allows users to synchronize their sales pages with email follow-ups. There’s no need for third-party dedicated e-mail software like Mailchimp or AWeber anymore! It basically frees up your time and your to-do list, letting you focus on things that matter!

I touched upon the split testing feature that comes with it. With this feature, your webpages are sure to have the best-performing orientations!

Generate Leads with clickfunnels

Additionally, you could also create membership sites using Clickfunnels. Once your leads sign up, they’ll be able to gain access to exclusive portions of your service. Maintain these well to keep your paid members hooked.

Clickfunnels also features integrations with Stripe and Paypal! This makes the payment side of things super simple for the services you offer. You get to accept the membership or service charges on online payment processors comfortably! 💸



What does all this mean?

This essentially means Clickfunnels really does have your back. You could build entire businesses with their services, and you don’t even need a separate website for it. Even hosting services are included in Clickfunnels’ packages. 

They’ve got features for you to recruit, manage, and pay your affiliates. You’ll have unrestricted access to detailed metrics and analytics to know how you’re performing. You’ll be able to review campaigns, sales numbers, conversion rates, and split testing results!

They’re mainly focused on helping you max out the revenue you score out of each customer you have. If someone engages with your website repeatedly, Clickfunnels targets to encourage their spending! 

What Makes ClickFunnels Worth It

What Makes Clickfunnels worth it
  1. Beautiful Funnel Blueprints 

It comes with a database of beautifully designed templates for you to choose from. They’re all quick to set up and super easy to use. There could also buy (or even sell) templates on their platforms! But only do that if you’ve got an open budget because there are lots of free ones to choose from. 🙌

  1. Visual Drag-and-Drop Editor

This editor single-handedly takes the ease of building landing pages to another new level. Anyone who has used software to create landing pages knows the struggle that comes with it. You don’t need to make those tiny, annoying tweaks constantly. It’ll all look just as you want it to, and the process is much simpler. 

  1. Tons of Features
Clickfunnels has tons of features

Widgets, AKA elements really let you personalize your sales pages. They play a huge part in setting your pages apart from the rest of the market. Clickfunnels understands this, including powerful widgets built-in that you won’t find elsewhere.

Stuff like pricing charts, Facebook comments, FAQ blocks really helps with conversion. Moreover, Progress timers, Countdown Timers, and custom HTML are also useful widgets for that purpose. The higher the conversion rate, the more money your bank account racks up! 💰

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels has a great affiliate program

They’ve got one of the best affiliate programs among online marketing platforms. It’s really simple to get into, and you get a good chunk as commission for people joining through you. 

It gets you a 40% cut on each person that registers using your affiliate link. If they click your link on their phone and make a purchase on their computer, you’ll still get a commission. This becomes possible with the use of ‘sticky cookies’, so you’ll always get what you earn. 

It’s recurrent revenue too – so as long as they keep paying, you keep earning! Not to mention, they do have a lot of expensive upsells in their pricing structure. You could make a lot of money just through affiliate marketing if you do it right. 

After all, the service that literally makes sales funnels for people obviously has a killer one themselves. If you send people to their sales funnel, they’re much more likely to make purchases! 🤩



Fantastic onboarding process

Clickfunnels Onboarding Process

The people at Clickfunnels have made a conscious effort to make it as easy as possible to figure out. They understand that online business owners don’t have much spare time. Dealing with complicated UIs just isn’t practical for most users. They’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible, and that has largely contributed to their success! 

With their onboarding 7-day challenge, they’ll walk you through each component of the software. They make it fun, making sure you stick with them until you know their systems well. You’ll figure everything out super quick if you’re a little patient with their tutorials – trust me.

Taking on the 7-day challenge isn’t a must. It comes with a chance to win some Clickfunnels T-shirts or stickers though, so why not? 🤷‍♂️

Clickfunnels Complaints

Clickfunnels Complaints
Customer Support Concept. Discontented Man Complaining By Phone About Bad Service Sitting On Couch At Home.
  1. It can be slow to add a funnel

Choosing the right funnel type and template could be time-consuming on its own. Not only that, it could take you about 10 seconds to add it every time. It’s not that big of a deal, but it adds up over time and could get frustrating. 

  1. There are limits on monthly visitors and funnel creation

Their base plan, which actually still charges a lot, has pretty short limits on it. You get a maximum of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors monthly. Yes, if you’re still a small growing business, such limits wouldn’t bother you. But a developed setup may face problems if they’re confined to these. 

  1. Pricing

Well, logic says, if the limit is too small, just pay for the upgrade! But you’d be surprised to know how much it costs – even the base model could be too much for many. They only offer two options, the base one costing $97 monthly, while the premium one costs $297. 

If you choose the former plan, you’ll face the limits mentioned above. The $297 plan gets rid of all limits whatsoever, but that’s a pretty significant price to pay. 🤔

Clickfunnels Pricing For 2020

Clickfunnels pricing 2020

For a little under a hundred bucks, you get access to the best possible funnel creation tools. Yes, there are limits to the base model, but that doesn’t affect most small business owners a lot. 

They call their $297/month plan the ‘Etison Suite’ plan. It’s the plan that lets you experience Clickfunnels at its best, all engines running. You get unlimited funnels, pages, without any maximum cap at the number of monthly visitors. 

There aren’t any coupon codes to be found for Clickfunnels right now, but you could still get a discount. If you feel like you need it long-term without a doubt, opt for their annual plan! With that, you get a 16% off – which adds up to quite a lot. You’d basically get 2 entire months for free, and that’s a good deal. 

Before you make any financial commitments though, make sure you know what’s offered. It’s important to feel it hands-on and see for yourself if it’s something that could work for your business. With their 30-day free trial, you can try out their services risk-free! 👍

How Does Clickfunnels Stack Up Against The Competition?

Clickfunnels competition

There’s a huge market for platforms like Clickfunnels these days. It’s always growing, as more and more people switch their shopping activities online too. It’s got alternatives like SamCart, and LeadPages, and you might not be sure how it stacks up against them. Well, here’s a side by side comparison with these alternatives!

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

LeadPages, back in the day, used to be a market-leading software for building landing pages. Since then, it has been brutally overtaken by Clickfunnels with overwhelming numbers. A big reason for that is their limited scope as compared to Clickfunnels

You can create a landing page pretty quickly with the software they provide. It won’t always bring results though, and might not translate into higher product sales. LeadPages’ strong point is their lead generation, hence the name. But when it comes to sales funnels, ClickFunnels does it best. 

The only clear edge LeadPages has over Clickfunnels is their much cheaper price tag. Are you looking for something inexpensive to build make-do landing pages? If so, it actually might suit you. 🤝

ClickFunnels vs SamCart

With SamCart, you can actually build landing pages that don’t only look good but perform well too. You get a pretty high conversion rate, a classy looking checkout page, and a much cheaper package. With SamCart, you even get integration with PayPal and Stripe too. 

So, how is it different from ClickFunnels, and what do you lose in exchange for the lower price?  

Clickfunnels vs Samcart

The thing is, SamCart is a preset standard package meant to sell right away. You get 17 different checkout page templates to choose from with them. While you can customize them according to your preferences, there isn’t much flexibility. 

You just can’t compete with ClickFunnels’ iconic drag and drop editor. With it, one can make literally any sort of landing page they imagine – any design, any orientation. 

With pre-made templates and basic customization options, you could quickly start to feel restricted. Besides, SamCart just isn’t as good as ClickFunnels at capturing leads and creating sales funnels. But then again, is any other online marketing platform as good as them? 

Here’s a shocker, both SamCart and ClickFunnels cost $97 monthly. That just takes away any sort of possible argument that could exist for SamCart. If you’re gonna pay a hundred bucks anyway, better pay it for the best service out there. 💯

Other Clickfunnels Competitors

Other clickfunnels alternatives

Whenever there’s innovation in any market, competition rises. This is ultimately best for the consumers, as more suppliers compete with better products at lower prices. These days, many other alternatives are up-and-coming, like Builderall and Kartra

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

I’ve found Clickfunnels to be the single best, all-in-one tool for online businesses. If you came here with a few big names in your mind as options, I’ve tried to clear out your perspective a bit. Comparing LeadPages and SamCart with ClickFunnels hopefully shows you what sets these apart.

LeadPages does come with an added benefit of lower cost, but you’re sacrificing quite a lot. The results you get with Clickfunnels are unmatched, and that’s worth something. If your business can afford it at the moment, I’d strongly recommend going for Clickfunnels

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