Get Paid For Searching On Google $14/Hr [Updated 2020]

Get Paid For Searching On Google
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How to get paid for searching on Google

Everyone does Google searches every day. It’s hard to imagine an internet session without even a single use of Google. But, did you ever imagine making money for doing that? Could you actually get paid for searching on Google? You definitely can, and you could be making as much as $14 per hour. You’d be working with a few websites listed in this article, as a ‘search engine evaluator’.

Before all that, let’s discuss what this job is and what makes it important. You might have heard of a few famous search engines besides Google, like Yahoo and Bing. They use super complex algorithms to determine the results for every user’s search. But it’s not smart enough to make sure EVERY result is relevant to the actual search.

By relevant, I mean something that doesn’t relate to what the user was looking for with his search. Irrelevant results are ones that shouldn’t be there at all. This would require human intervention. 🙋🏽

This is where your job as a ‘search engine evaluator’ comes into play. These persons observe and judge search results on their relevancy, quality, and usefulness. With such assistance, it becomes possible for algorithms to improve and return better search results.

How Can You Earn While Searching On Google?

To get a job of a search engine evaluator, you’ll first need to find websites that want them. This article lists them later on, but let’s clear out a few basics first.

Firstly, you should note that this won’t be a part-time or full-time commitment. You’d sign up as an independent contractor, but you won’t score the position just like that. Not everyone in the world can take part, so they’d take in the most worthy ones. For this, you’ll have to get through a qualification test. It won’t be that hard, but it could be time-consuming.

What you will have to do?

You’ll sign up, take a qualification test, and finally get a job if you’re selected. Then, you’ll get detailed instructions about what your job is and what it requires. It’ll tell you what to search and what to observe in order to get paid for searching on Google.

Your main task would be to spot irrelevant search results on particular keywords that they’ll assign. You might not find them every time, but you’ll still get paid for your time.

For instance, you search ‘Hilton hotels’ on Google. The results should ideally all be relevant, but they’re not. You get results that show the star “Paris Hilton” instead – that’s totally irrelevant to the search. It’s confusion though because Hilton hotels are her family’s business. An algorithm doesn’t catch complications like that, but a human operator could. Your job is to mark such results as irrelevant. 🙅🏿

You should have a slight idea as to what your job is going to be like. You’ll have to search for the keywords you’re assigned, and observe the results it returns. Your job would be to make a decision about each result as to which one’s relevant or irrelevant. It sounds simple, but it could be hard at times.

Pros and Cons




1. The comfort of working from home.

You’ll be able to earn a pretty decent amount of income while working in your pajamas. Heck, you could even grab your laptop and curl up into a blanket as you work. It’s one of the best parts about working online – you don’t even have to get ready or worry about transportation. What could be better than earning money just by entering some searches on Google?

2. You choose a schedule that works best for you.

There’s no boss that could tell you to ‘come to the office on time’. As a search engine evaluator, you could work as little or as much as you want. There’s no one to enforce a specific schedule on you! Take days off when there’s an emergency without even having to call your boss. If you can afford it financially, feel free to take longer breaks between assignments!

3.  High pay for less effort.

Earning 14 bucks an hour for such a low-effort job isn’t bad by any means. It’s not too technical or difficult either, you only need to exercise judgment!

4. You’ll learn new things every day. 

Just like any other job, this one would teach you different things all the time as well. If the searches being assigned to you are smart questions, you’ll get smarter as you work. For instance, searches for DIY questions would make you a DIY expert eventually. 🤯



1. You’ll be paying your own taxes.

Since you’d be working as an independent contractor, you’ll have to pay your own taxes if necessary. That’s one little disadvantage of not being a regular employee.

2. Inconsistent assignment rate.

You can’t always take the assignments for granted. You wouldn’t be sure to get work each day. If you’re readily available to work but can’t find it, it means you’ll earn lesser than you want to.

3. You’ll get paid once a month.

Most websites follow a monthly payment schedule. If you’re okay with that and don’t want weekly payment, then this isn’t a con for you.

4. No considerable job perks.

You can’t expect many (or any) considerable job benefits as a search engine evaluator. This means health insurance, vacation payments, or compensation for firing wouldn’t exist. 😕

Where can you find a job as a search engine evaluator?

As I said at the beginning, I’ll share a few websites that offer this position. The 3 listed below are the ones you should approach if you’re interested.

1. Appen

Appen is a company that works on improving machine learning with human help. They hire people for different jobs such as rating, language tasks, and corporate jobs. To land a job as a search engine evaluator, you’ll have to hit ‘find flexible jobs’. Then, apply in the ‘raters’ division. They offer positions worldwide, so you wouldn’t get rejected on the basis of your location. They pay about $15 per hour, which is among the highest rates people get for this job.

2. Lionbridge

This company mainly focuses on ‘Business Process Crowdsourcing’. They offer many jobs based on where you’re located. You’ll find positions as a search engine evaluator, but they’ll be limited to certain countries. Just check their ‘workers’ section and choose your country to see if you’re eligible. They pay $14/hour for searching on Google! 💸

3. RaterLabs

Here’s another company that Appen owns, that does almost the same thing as them. It’s hard to find so it’s worth adding into this list. If you’re unable to successfully score the job on the above two options, turn your aim here. They pay $13 per hour for starters, but you could get higher rates with time.

All three of the websites I’ve recommended are legit though. You’ll find people complaining about them occasionally, but they’re not about non-payment. Usually, people would prefer to get much more work than they’re able to. Some people only get about 15 to 20 hours of work, leaving them open for more. If that’s not an issue for you, or if you look at it as a side source of income, that’s no issue.


With a minimum wage rate of $13 per hour in this field, you’ll surely be able to make decent money. You’ll definitely not be able to get rich through it, but it is good enough for the work you put in. It’s a great online job that doesn’t need any technical or creative skills on your part. We perform several Google searches every day, what’s so bad about getting paid for it? If you’ve got the free time to fit it into your schedule, I’d say consider it! 😀

Note: You could pair this hustle with some passive income to form a decent income stream. Passive income doesn’t require anything off of you – you make money while sleeping. If that piques your interest, make sure you check this article out for some great passive income ideas.

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