How to Get Free Money: It’s Really Possible With These 9+ Websites

How To Get Free Money
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No matter how financially stable one is, they could still use some more free cash. There’s always the next best phone, the next best car, even the next best house on everyone’s mind. Adding a few more bucks to one’s income couldn’t hurt, especially when you don’t need to do much for it.

You could be making free money online right now, sitting right where you are. You just need to click the right buttons and tap the right places on your device. As dreamy as that sounds, it’s all true – 100%.

To help you discover how this is possible, I’ve gathered the ways to do so here. Readout this short article and know what you’re missing out on every day. Let’s get to it!


Get Free Money From The GovermentWith this option, you’ll be getting ‘free’ money from the Government. It’s a website for unclaimed money which you didn’t even remember claiming. It does happen, and you end up losing potential cash inflow. Well, solves it. is a good alternative for the same thing as well. Someone sharing your bloodline could have lost property and never search for it. Old advance deposits from your previous rented apartments that you didn’t claim. Maybe your late grandpa forgot to tell you about a stash he saved up? All that sort of stuff comes into play here!

2. Survey Junkie

Get Free Money With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie presents a legit opportunity to earn money just by taking surveys. It’s free money if you do it in your free time, a few clicks and taps wouldn’t hurt.

This article isn’t mainly focused on the website, but you might want to find out more about them. I’ve already posted a detailed review here: ( It’s enough to tell you everything you need to know about Survey Junkie.

They’ve paid free money to over 3 million satisfied users. Data research companies pay you in exchange for gathering info about your opinions. Businesses make good use of it by optimizing their ideas and production accordingly. You get free money, the client’s services and products improve, and everyone wins!

Sign up now and start earning!

3. Swagbucks

Get Free Money With Swagbucks

Ever thought you could get money or real-world rewards for doing stuff you already do? In your free time, you must watch videos, search the web, and play games, right? Surprisingly enough, pays you for all that.

You earn ‘Swagbucks’ by completing specific tasks. You could redeem these for cash or e-gift cards. I’ve also reviewed Swagbucks previously, and make sure you check it out! (

4. Inbox Dollars

Get Free Money With Inbox Dollars

With as well, you can easily get paid for filling out surveys. It’s similar to survey junkie, but it’s good to work on several survey sites at once. This ensures that you never run out of surveys to complete!

5. Honey Browser Extension

Get Free Money With Honey

When it comes to making free money online, you just can’t leave out the cashback concept. Getting cash backs on your shopping transactions is an amazing passive way of earning money.

‘Honey’ is a great example. All you need to do is download the extension, sign up, and leave the rest to them. It’ll work its magic in the background, where you don’t even see it. It automatically scans websites for coupon codes that could apply to your purchase. If it finds one, it gets applied and you end up saving money! It has helped people save millions of dollars to date.

6. Paribus

Get Free Money With Paribus

Another great price-tracking app that helps you save money like it’s a piece of cake. You don’t have to do anything, except for signing up and linking a credit card with it.

Paribus will track your transactions and find out where you’ve recently shopped from. From there, it automatically checks if there are any refundable claims that could be made. If so, it forwards them automatically and gets you the refunds you deserve. Isn’t that great?

Download the app here! (

7. Dosh

Get Free Money With Dosh

Dosh makes it as easy as possible to get cashback on your credit card shopping transactions. It’s truly a super helpful application if you’re a shopping freak. All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and sync your debit/credit card with it.

It’ll automatically get you cashback on almost all your purchases made through the linked card. Ebates is an alternative that also offers similar possibilities. Make sure you check them both out!

Dosh for iOS:

Dosh for Android:

Ebates for iOS:

Ebates for Android:

Get Free Money Just for Using Credit Card(s)

Get Free Money With Credit Cards

Subject to qualification, many credit card companies actually offer money for signing up. ‘Chase’ is a good example of such companies, with their attractive bonuses for new cardholders.

8. Robinhood

Get Free Money With Robinhood

You can benefit from apps like ‘Acorns’ and ‘Robinhood’ that easily get you into ETF and options trading. They won’t even charge a single percent of commission on your profits! You even get free stocks for signing up and/or referring friends.

Robinhood is a highly popular way of earning free money, and 6 million users are using it already! Start now! (affiliate link required).

9. Acorns

Get Free Money With Acorns

Through Acorns, which is one of the best auto-investing apps, you get free cash instead of stocks! Refer people and each successful referral adds cash into your account. It’s free to sign up! Use this link to find out more and sign up.

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