13 IBOTTA Alternatives To Save Money In 2020

Ibotta Alternatives For Saving Money In 2020
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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and sales made through such links may reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Click here to see my full disclosure.

Everybody has to shop, like it or not. You can’t eat money and you can’t wear cash, so sooner or later, you’ll find yourself shopping. Some people love it, some people aren’t total fans. But, some saving opportunities could sweeten the whole experience for everyone – right?

Who would mind saving an extra 100 bucks or so on a monthly basis? Well, plenty of rebate apps like Ibotta have made that possible for all. You could either get cashback for shopping or earn rewards that can be redeemed for e-gift cards! If you’re not crazy about gift cards, you could get PayPal cash balance in exchange for shopping rewards. Everyone could use some extra cash to spend! 🤷

Considering this, I’ve put together a handy list of rebate apps like Ibotta that’ll help you save money. Whether you make purchases in-store or online, these apps have got your back. Keep reading to find out what these apps are, and what they’re all about!

What’s Ibotta?

Before you get into a list of apps like Ibotta, you should first know what Ibotta itself is. It’s a shopping app that gets you valuable cashbacks upon buying groceries. You could get rebates through buying items other than groceries from select retailers. It’s one of the first apps that introduced the revolutionary concept of cashback.

What does Ibotta get out of it?

It’s normal to get curious about how it all works after knowing what they do. Like, selling companies get sales. Shoppers get cash back from Ibotta. But, what exactly do they get out of it? Well, cashback apps like Ibotta get commissions on sales made through their platform. By motivating their users to shop through select retailers, they boost retailers’ revenue. In doing so, they get to keep a cut from the sales they generate. Ibotta pays you a fraction of that back, and everybody wins! 🙌

How does it work? 

It works in a pretty simple way! Here’s a breakdown of the entire system.

  1. You sign up and log in to the app.
  2. You’ll immediately see many available offers, but this depends upon the location you’re in.
  3. Select any offer that appeals to you and buy whatever you want, as you do.
  4. Once you’re done with the purchase, take a picture of the receipt.
  5. Upload the receipt’s picture to the application and Ibotta will fund the rewards shortly!

Before you can withdraw, you need to get your balance up to $20 to meet their threshold. Once you’re there, feel free to request funds on your PayPal whenever you want!

Sign up now and get a free $10 bonus!


If you want to get knees deep into getting cash backs and rebates on shopping, one app wouldn’t suffice! Different apps feature different offers and deals on them. You need to have several at hand at all times. This makes sure you’re not missing out on any great retailers while also aiming for savings! Plus, getting signup bonuses from many apps is a great way to increase revenue!

To optimize your savings-focused shopping sprees, I’ve listed 13 apps like Ibotta that you can try out.

More apps ➡️ more listed retailers ➡️ more products➡️ better saving/shopping experience! So, let’s get right into details about these apps!


Get Paid With Paypal - Ebates/Rakuten

Rakuten is must-get if you’re looking for apps like Ibotta. It’s a great rebates app for in-store and online shoppers. It’s especially awesome for people who love to shop online sitting home. They’ve partnered with 2,000 plus online stores to make sure you never run out of listed retailers!

You could get up to 40% cash back on almost all online purchases! These include fashionwear, hotel and travel tickets, cards, electronics, and whatnot! They’ve even got coupons, promo codes and amazing deals that keep you hooked. Considering everything, Rakuten is a top-tier cash back app!


Start off by creating a Rakuten account for free. You’ll need to use either your email address or register via Facebook. Once you’ve joined them, search for the stores you frequently shop at. Start putting items in your cart, just like regular online shopping. You’ll get points from Rakuten without doing anything else!

You even get a free $10 registration bonus which you can claim upon making purchases worth $25.

Rakuten has paid over $19 million in cash backs to its one and a half million users to date. Such a huge user base doesn’t just join out of nowhere! They’re active on the app and taking advantage of the savings it offers. Don’t be left out, sign up now! You can easily get your funds sent to you through PayPal.


Here’s another cash back app that generously rewards users for shopping! You’ll find a point-based system there, but they refer to points as ‘kicks’. You can earn them through a wide variety of shopping-related activities. You’ll get kicks for;

  • Walking into ShopKick’s partnered stores.
  • Scanning product bar codes using ShopKick’s scanner in their app.
  • Buying items using a credit card that’s linked with ShopKick.
  • Visiting partnered online stores through the app.
  • Making purchases and then submitting receipt pictures in the app.
  • Watching video in-app.

If you’re an active user who takes part in these tasks frequently, your kicks will rack up in no time! Redeem your hard-earned rewards through PayPal or e-gift cards for famous retailers. They’ve paid out a total of $85+ million only in gift cards to date – Woah. 😯

Start earning through the Shopkick mobile app today!


Swagbucks Pays through paypal

Swagbucks is one of the most famous rebates apps, but it goes above and beyond cashback too! On their website, you can get paid for numerous everyday activities. I’m sure you already watch videos, play games, and browse the internet in your time, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know, Swagbucks pays you for all of those things! Besides that, you can also make money by completing surveys and trial offers. With a userbase of over 15 million members, they’ve paid out almost $200 million to members! 

Sign up now and claim your piece of the pie today! Even if you don’t find the time for completing the above tasks, they’ll reward you for shopping too. Every time you buy items through their app, you get SB (Swagbucks) points. Redeem them for valuable Amazon e-gift cards! Moreover, 1 SB equates to 1% cashback. This means the more Swagbucks points you make on the website, the higher cashback you achieve!

Much like other shopping rebate apps, they also offer a $5 bonus for signing up. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up Here


Get Free Money With Paribus

Paribus is a different app from regular cashback apps. They genuinely care about getting you the refunds you deserve! It tracks your purchases through the receipts that get sent to your linked email address. They keep their eyes peeled for price drops in the places you’ve recently shopped. Once they find an opportunity, they send refunds that you’re eligible for from retailers. It’s a pretty unique idea, and they’re one of the pioneers of it!

There aren’t any doubts about their legitimacy. They’ve been around for over 5 years and got acquired by Capital One in 2016. They’ve been doing a great job at putting spent the money back into peoples’ pockets through refunds! All you need to do is sign up and open your account, leave the rest of the work to them! 😏


Checkout 51 is a generic cash back app that brings some of your grocery spendings back into your account. It features many grocery retailers, so you’ll be able to shop freely through their app while also saving a lot. Just scan all your receipts from shopping, and upload it all to the app. Then, wait until cash gets added back into your Checkout 51 account!

Their specialty rests in vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Make sure you give this app a shot the next time you need some more of those supplies in your kitchen. With a low cash out threshold of $20, you’ll be able to withdraw money via a mailed check pretty soon!

Sign up here and start saving on groceries!


Like Checkout51 specializes in fruits, veggies, and dairy, BerryCart specializes in organic foods. They should be your go-to shopping app whenever you feel like eating healthy! It’s easy to find attractive deals for gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO foods. You’ll be able to find and shop products from over 100,000 places across the country. Some of the top retailers it features also include Target, Walmart, and WholeFoods!


  • Firstly, you need to install their app to find appealing deals on organic food items!
  • Read descriptions to find out more info about your favorite products.
  • Finally, buy it, and upload the receipt’s picture.
  • BerryCart will send you your cash backs!

You can cash out through PayPal or e-gift cards!


They’re a UK-based application with a whopping 11,000,000 members. They’ve partnered with around 4,600 retailers so you’ll surely find whatever you need through their app. Compared to some of the other famous apps, they’ve got relatively high rebate rates! If you’re looking to make the most money out of larger shopping sprees, Topcashback is a great option.

Some unbelievable features that make them stand out from the rest are as follows;

  • They pay out all of the commission they earn from retailers to the customers. Yes, you heard that right. 100% of their commission revenue gets dispersed to their members in the shape of cash backs. That’s how they offer the highest cash back rates as compared to their competitors.
  • They have no set minimum threshold for withdrawing your earnings or rewards.
  • They’re snappy! They send out ash backs within minutes of approval.
  • Withdrawing through gift cards gets you an exciting 3% bonus on your rewards! 🤩

Join Topcashback now, this is not an application to let go!

The earning possibilities aren’t just limited to shopping. They give out pretty significant commissions for any referrals made through your account. If you’ve got friends and family who’d love to save money on shopping, send them your link! It could turn into a side passive income source. Hear this out, for every payable $10 rebate they earn, you get $10 too.


It’s another handy shopping app that just makes shopping more rewarding for you. It tracks the purchases made on your credit and debit card and sends you points. These can be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards!

All you need is to install their app on your device and create a free account. Fill out your personal info and complete the profile setup thingy. Connect your debit and/or credit cards to the app, and you’re set to go!

Don’t worry about the safety of your data, because they’ve got a reliable history behind them. Your credentials are safe with them. They’d never share them with unauthorized persons. To be extra careful, they use encryption software to ensure your privacy.

Once you’ve set up your account, choose 5 stores that you just can’t live without shopping at. By that, I mean 5 of your regular to-go retailers! Now, use the app for shopping as usual. The app keeps a close check on your purchases to send you points whenever you’re eligible for them!

These points are redeemable at many famous retailers like Amazon, WholeFoods, etc.   

Download the app and set up your account right away!


‘Snap’ is a Groupon-owned app that’s based around sending cashback to grocery shoppers! For you to get rebates out of your purchases, the products need to be featured in-app. You can’t get any cashback for product purchases that the app doesn’t list. However, it’s easy to find almost anything you’re looking for in their partnered retailer list!

Install the ‘Snap by Groupon’ app and look for featured items that interest you. If you choose to buy a thing or two from the app, just screengrab the receipt and submit it to the application. The rebates will get funded into your account shortly after approval and verification!

Save up a balance of at least $20 to be able to cash out your earnings. If you love shopping, only a few sprees should be able to get you across that line. After all, who couldn’t use an extra bit of money? 🤑

Download the app and start saving!


Every time you scan grocery shopping receipts, this app gets you free rewards for it. As long as the item is on offer, you’ll surely get paid if you upload scanned receipts for it. Their reward points are redeemable at Amazon or Target! To start saving and getting rebates today, just;

  • Download the app and sign up!
  • Look for products featured in the app that are relevant to your grocery needs.
  • Buy some stuff and grab the pictures of receipts.
  • Upload them to the app and get points upon approval!


Here’s another app offering you a free and simple way to save cash on your grocery shopping. Having collaborated with as many as 70,000 retailer outlets, they feature all types of products. You wouldn’t even need to clip, print or screengrab your grocery coupon to get cash backs. With Savingstar, all of that is automated. You should keep them in your mind for their weekly deals at stores like Target, Kroger, and Walmart, etc.


Love comparing prices before buying stuff to get the best bang for your buck? If so, you’ll love Shop Savvy’s app. Just use their in-app scanner input a product’s bar code, and see if there are better prices available. It’ll sift through numerous stores and retailers online to make sure you make the most cost-efficient purchase.

They even feature a screen that’s just made for comparability. They’ll present different deals for the same product that is available on the stores they found. You can easily choose the cheapest one. Download Shop Savvy now to always get products at the least possible price.


Stash App Alternatives

Acorns isn’t a rebates website, but it’s focused on making you money via investing your spare change. It tracks your payments and invests the nominal amounts (like pennies) in ETFs. This means you’d own fractional shares of companies and take part in profits that come with it. However, you can’t expect huge returns with such small amounts of investment. But then again, the risk of loss isn’t that worrisome either.   

Sign up now and get a $5 bonus immediately! Link it to your bank account, and let the app do the rest for you. Each time you shop online and pay through your bank balance, it calculates and invests the spare change. While you won’t get rich through it, you’ll be making wise financial investments without even knowing. 💸

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