InboxDollars Hack: Make $50 Fast (Scam or Legit?)

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InboxDollars Hack

Want to earn some passive income online but don’t know how? Everybody could use a few more bucks to get by. With a simple InboxDollars hack I’ll discuss in this article, you can be doing that in no time. Don’t worry, I won’t recommend installing illegal software programs. 

InboxDollars is a popular website that pays users for a range of online activities. These include reading emails, opening ads, or filling out surveys. It’s not the only website that pays you real money for all this though. There are countless alternatives, but only a few of them have proven to be legit. 🕵️‍♂️

InboxDollars is a reliable platform and I’d easily recommend it to anyone. The ‘hack’ I’m talking about works in the following way; 

You’ll start by registering an account with them. It’s free, and it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to set it up. Here’s the ‘hack’; you’ll instantly get a free bonus of $5 for joining! To withdraw money, you need to have a minimum balance of $30 though. But that shouldn’t be a big problem, because this website is all about making money.  

Quick Inboxdollars Review: Is Inboxdollars Scam or Legit?

Inbox Dollar Review - Scam or Legit

You’ve got a basic idea as to how you make money on this website. Let’s discuss InboxDollars a bit more deeply now. 

The first question that commonly pops up could question its legitimacy. Is it a scam? 

Well, no – just no. In this review, you’ll find out why they’re legit, and what makes them one of the most reliable platforms out there. ✅

Make Money by Completing Offers and TasksScam or Legit?

Make Money By Completing Offers And Tasks

It’s a real website that pays out real money for completing simple tasks online. It brings simple offers to their users, which are chances to earn money within seconds. You’ll get dozens of these tasks and offers – complete them and rack up your account balance. 

It’s honestly not that hard to get to that withdrawal threshold of $30. You’ll need to be patient, but it’ll all pay off in the end. Some offers are super quick to complete and pretty rewarding. Sometimes you’ll get a buck just for signing up for an offer with your email – that simple. This would take you no longer than 20 seconds at best. 

Some tasks could also require you to make a free account and earn $3! You’ll find many offers like this one. There are ‘paid offers’ too, which could ask you to join for a small charge. For instance, you have to pay a $5 registration fee to complete this offer, but you’ll make $7 in return. 💸

For a start, feel free to stick with free tasks and offers. Once you build enough trust with this platform, you’ll feel safer taking up paid ones. It’s all about patience on this website, but the returns are always worth it. That extra stream of income never hurts, even if you don’t need it!

The Most Profitable Way to Earn Money on Inbox Dollars (InboxDollars Hack)

Ways to earn money on inbox dollars

Offers are great and play an important role in adding bits and pieces to your balance. But they’re not the best way to make money on InboxDollars. That spot is for surveys, they’ll pay you the most for your time, especially if you’re from tier 1 countries. 

Tier 1 countries include the USA, UK, and Canada. Since these markets get targeted by most suppliers, their opinion surveys pay more. Even if you’re not from there though, don’t worry. There are surveys available for a wide range of users on InboxDollars. Some will pay you $0.20, while some others could get you as much as $20 each! 💰

You won’t always qualify for all surveys though, that’s the downside. You’ll get fewer or more surveys sent your way depending on the demographic you belong to. Your country, age, and gender are some of the factors that determine your demographic class. 

What makes Inbox Dollars Reliable? 

What Makes Inbox Dollars Reliable

Well, they’ve been around for over 19 years. InboxDollars was created in 2000 and has amassed over 15 million members ever since. You don’t get those numbers by scamming people left and right, do you? They’ve been paying out all their users promptly, you can’t find many payment related complaints. 

They’ve paid out over $56 million in cash ever since starting in 2000! That’s a pretty strong statement advocating their legitimacy. They’ve been featured on platforms like Forbes, Bustle, and Mashable as a great way to make real money online. With all that speaking in their favor, it’s hard to hold on to scam suspicions. 🤔

What I Don’t Necessarily Like about Them

What I don't Like About Inbox Dollars

The inbox dollars hack I told you about works, and you instantly get $5. They had to make it so that people don’t just sign up and cash out with their $5. For that, they set up a minimum withdrawal threshold. But $30 seems like a stretch, to be honest. 

In my opinion, just for the user’s ease, you shouldn’t need that much in your account to request payment. Not only that, but it could also take up to 14 days for your payment to arrive. But since the website brings a ton of ways you could make money, $30 shouldn’t be a problem. 🤷‍

Inbox Dollars Alternatives

1. SendEarnings

Inbox Dollars Alternative - SendEarnings

SendEarnings actually has the same parent company as InboxDollars. They’re both owned by Prodege LLC and have the same payout system. Even the looks of both these platforms are quite alike, sharing quite a few design elements. 

This website is basically a re-branded version of InboxDollars. You can get paid in the same way, for completing the same type of online tasks. It’s best for the consumer to have two options at hand. After all, you can never have too much of a good thing – can you? 

The InboxDollar hack works like a hack on SendEarnings too! Sign up on both sites and get $5 on both accounts instantly. Double your income by completing surveys and offers on both platforms. 🤑

2. MintVine

Inbox Dollars Alternative - Mintvine

MintVine is based on a super simple concept and has a user-friendly website design. It’s focused on paying users for filling out surveys. MintVine’s onsite currency is in the shape of points, which can be redeemed for real money. 

You’ll answer a few questions relating to your preferences at the time of registration. Based on these, you’ll get specific surveys sent your way, for which you’d be qualified. This ensures that the survey results consist of relevant opinions and answers. 

Each time you complete a survey that you were qualified to take, you get points! 🙌

3. CashCrate

Inbox Dollars Alternative - Cashcrate

Like any other popular online-money making platform, Cashcrate pays you for online activities. You could get paid for shopping online, filling out surveys, and other stuff that earns you points. You can redeem these for e-gift cards or cash, whichever one you prefer. 

With their referral program, you get 20% of your referred friend’s earnings! It won’t deduct anything from their earnings; it’s an extra perk paid out by CashCrate. You even get 10% of what your friend’s further referrals make. Refer enough active users, and you’ll have a sustainable passive income stream. How great is that? 🤯

4. Points2Shop

Inbox Dollars Alternative - Points2Shop

You could watch videos, play games, complete surveys, shop online and get paid for it all. Yep, Points2Shop makes that possible. 

It’s like the iconic Swagbucks (discussed below), but some people find it easier to use. They’ve also got an app so you can make money on the go. Just pull out your phone on the bus and continue your side-hustle!

5. Swagbucks

Inbox Dollars Alternative - Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that lets you make money in literally the easiest ways possible. You could literally only search the web and get paid real money for that – Woah. 

That’s not it, it pays you for almost all other things you’d normally do on the internet as well. These include shopping, streaming videos, playing online games, etc. 🤩

They’ve been around for a long time, and millions of users make money through them every day. There’s no doubt on their reliability, and you’ll definitely receive what you earn. Sign up using this link and get a free $5 bonus right away!


InboxDollars is an awesome way to monetize your free time. Just hop on their website and see if there are any new offers, tasks, or surveys to complete. Get those done quickly and boom – that’s a few extra bucks in your pocket!

They’re definitely not scammers; their track record affirms that. So, if you’re interested in making real money online, they should definitely be considered! Be patient in the beginning though, even if it gets a little frustrating to fill out surveys. It’ll all be worth it when you get your first payment – good luck! 👍

You can also find my full InboxDollars Review Here

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