Lucky Day App Review: Lottery App Scam or Legit? (Updated 2020)

Lucky Day App Review
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Nowadays, it’s not a shocker to see regular day-to-day activities get transferred to phones. You can get groceries with a few taps, pay bills, get tickets, call taxis – whatnot. It’s actually the other way around – we get surprised if you can’t do something on your phone. 

The same is the case with lotteries, they used to be a real-life thing, but not anymore. You can play the lottery even on your smartphone now. There’s an app for it like there is one for everything these days. It’s called Lucky Day App, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

Is it a legit way to make money? Is it worth your time, trust, and phone space? Well, you’ll find it all out here. Keep reading! 😏

What is the Lucky Day App?

It’s an app for iOS and Android, and it lets you play lotto games for big cash prizes. The company ‘Lucky Day’ was founded in 2014, by Joshua Javaheri. They’re based in California, but they’ve got users from all over! 

How Does the Lucky Day App Work?

How Does The Lucky Day App Work

You download it and participate in regular old casino-type and lottery games. These include blackjack, scratch-offs, raffles, etc. 

It’s all completely free to play and you get the chance to win real cash prizes, how great is that? 

How Much Money Can I Make With Lucky Day App?

We’re getting to the big question – how much? How much money could you realistically expect to make with this app? How much time would you need to invest? Well, it all kinda depends on what game you play. The games on the apps are based on chance, mostly. Let’s discuss some of the popular games, and the potential prizes you could win with them. 🤩


How Much Can I Make With Lucky Day App

First off, there’s the good-old lotto game for you. You could play a daily game of it; just log in every day and select six numbers. Upon matching four or more of those, you could win a cash prize of up to $100,000! 


Just like lotto, you get daily entries. The daily raffle could win you up to $500 if you’re lucky enough. You get an entry into the daily raffle for logging in daily. 

The app features daily as well as monthly raffles. The monthly raffle brings bigger prizes, and you get one raffle ticket per month – that’s all. 

Scratch Tickets

This is one of the most popular games on the Lucky Day app, as it’s not limited to one per day. Potential prizes start from $1 and go up to a whopping $10,000! Every ticket carries different amounts, and your winning could largely vary. But imagine getting that grand prize though. 🤑

Lucky Day App Scratch Tickets

If you’re not lucky enough to win cash prizes, you could also get Lucky Day tokens. They’re not real cash, but they’re something. Almost every game you interact with on this app gives you tokens, in case you didn’t win money. 

This means you can gather tokens pretty quick, and you can also earn them through other activities. These include friend referrals, watching ads, and filling out surveys.

The next question to pop up in your head would be about the use of these tokens – right? Most people save them and redeem them for e-gift cards. But you could also use them to get additional chances on games if you want to try and win real cash.  

As you can probably tell, this isn’t a sustainable income source by any means. You could ‘hope’ to make money, but you can’t count on it. It’s all fun and games – that’s all. 

If you want to earn money though, without relying on chance, there are other sites you could try. These include,, and    

How and When Does the Lucky Day App Pay?

How And When Does The Lucky Day App Pay

They pay through PayPal within 7 days of your withdrawal request. You need to have reached a total of $10 in earnings on the app though. As mentioned above, you can also redeem your tokens for e-gift cards, but not for real money. But, since you can find almost anything you need on Amazon, a gift card equates to money too. 🤷

How Do I Join the Lucky Day App?

How Do I Join The Lucky Day App

All you need to do is to download their app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and begin! The app is totally free to download and you don’t have to pay any registration fees either. 

Here’s What I Liked About It

The winners are real

Your chances of winning are super slim, not gonna lie. But, a number of people – real people – have won big on the app. They’ve won and received real cash prizes in thousands of dollars, and their legitimacy is pretty solid. You don’t need to worry about ghost-winners – their track record tells us that. 

You don’t pay a single dollar, but could win thousands 

No one pays a single penny for gaining entries into the raffles and lotteries. Everything is free, but they pay out real bucks to real winners in thousands! They do this through ads, which may get annoying (more about this later), but bring you a free app. If you want a risk-free, cost-less lottery playing app, then Lucky Day is where it’s at. 👌

Lucky Day App Complaints

Lucky Day App Complaints

There definitely are some red flags to it too, in my opinion. Let’s look deeper into those to see how hard they could hit your experience. 

Too many ads

Yes, I just said that the app being free is awesome, and that’s only possible with the help of ads. But, maybe the ads on this app are more excessive than needed.

It makes sense to find many ads on a lotto app that costs nothing but pays out thousands of dollars in winnings. But, there’s a ton of ads – way too many – and that’s a serious downside if you’re easily annoyed by popups. 

Not Worth Your Time

Lucky Day App Not Worth Your Time

Reviews of the app online tell us that people frequently uninstall this app after a short while. To them, it’s just not worth their time – and the same may be true for you too. The average income is seemingly circling around $8 over 4 months if you’re not too lucky. Who cares for that? Watching ads over ads, wasting precious minutes of your free time – only for that? 🤢

Sites like or offer you better value for your time. While they’re not lotto apps, they’re still pretty good alternatives as money-making apps. 

Is Lucky Day App Legit or a Scam?

It’s free to play, and offers free potential rewards – it couldn’t possibly scam you. It doesn’t charge you anything and doesn’t ‘promise’ you anything in return either. Yes, you have a chance to win money – but it’s never a given. So, one thing’s for sure, they’re not a scam. A free app that could potentially make you money? Yes. A consistent income source? No. 🙋🏼‍

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