15+ Ideas to Make Money Blogging In 2020

Make Money Blogging
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Imagine If you could make money blogging. If you’re passionate about writing and sharing your creative work, it’d be a dream to get paid for it. As Confucius once said, choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. 

In the 21st century, making money off of almost every possible passion is possible. The same goes for blogging, and it’s actually one of the quickest ways to make money online. But not many people are sure about how they could do it. You might already own a blog, but are you making the most out of it? 

Have you made sure that you’re monetizing your blog effectively? Do you just throw in a few popup adverts and that’s it? Well, that’s one way to do it. But there are many other approaches that are less intrusive for the visitor’s experience. You might even make more money through these!

In this post, I’ll cover a bunch of great ideas that all lead to making money off of your blog. This article is meant to go over a range of methods, ranging from super popular to some niche ones. 

With all that said, let’s get right to the monetization ideas!  💰

How to make money blogging in 2020

Before starting with the ideas, I’ll quickly give you a rundown of how I’ll order them. Starting with the most popular and proven methods, I’ll move down to other worth-trying ideas. If you’ve already got a moderate level of knowledge about blog monetization, feel free to skip the first few. If you’re unaware of the most popular ways too, then start from the very top! Alright, let’s get to it. 

1. Promote products via affiliate marketing

Make Money Blogging - Promote Affiliate Products

Okay, I’m starting with the highest paying way to make money blogging; affiliate marketing. While all established bloggers know all too well about this, regular people wouldn’t. 

Affiliate Marketing

Through it, you basically get money for recommending products to your audience. You get specialized links to add to your articles, and that’s essentially all you have to do. When your readers come across these, some of them might click it and make a purchase. On such purchases, you’d get a cut of the sales price based on a preset percentage or a flat amount. 

For instance, you could be writing a blog post about web hosting services. In it, you could add an affiliate link relating to SiteGround’s affiliate program. If people click on it and get a paid subscription through your link, you’d make money! What’s great about this is that the customer wouldn’t be charged any additional costs at all. 😃

So how can you find these affiliate opportunities?

There are many ways to do this, and I’ll discuss some of the main ones here. One of them is to simply look at the website of companies closely. You can find your affiliate links on the footers of their web pages sometimes. 

Another way is to register with a good affiliate network to hook you up with programs. The following ones are known to work great for bloggers; 

2. Use Google AdSense ads

Make Money With Google Adsense On Your Blog

Google AdSense also deserves a category of its own. It’s high up there in the most common and simplest ways to earn money through your blog. 

If you want such ads to appear on your posts, just sign up for AdSense here (https://www.google.com/adsense/signup/new/lead)! Add the ad code to your site and you’re set – easy, right? 🤷

Once you’ve done this, Google will start serving up ads that are relevant to the content you offer. Your visitors, who are interested in your content, are more likely to click on relevant ads! For every view and click, you get money based on your ‘cost per impression’ and ‘cost per click’ respectively. 

3. Accept sponsored posts from companies

Charge People For Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts can also be super financially rewarding. These occur when companies pay you money just for writing a post about them on your website. A ton of companies do this as a part of their marketing strategy, and it works too! 

If you get a decent amount of traffic on your blog regularly, companies will pay higher rates! This makes sense because their sponsored post would reach out to more people if you have a large audience. The privilege to get a sponsored post on your blog hence becomes more costly to them. This could be a major money-making strategy if you’re looking to monetize your blog! 

You can use networks like ‘Tapinfluence’ (https://www.tapinfluence.com/) to find sponsors. But that’s not the only way to do it. You could also just create a page on your own site dedicated to business. Advertisers can just check that out and reach you out themselves if they’re interested. Sponsors are always looking for great advertising opportunities, and you may be a great one. 👍

It’s an ethical (and sometimes legal) requirement to fully disclose your sponsorship on such posts. You should never put out paid content and portray it as totally unbiased. It could influence the decisions of your readers, and that’s not cool. 

4. Use other display network ads

AdSense is also a display network, technically. Since it’s so popular, it’s also worthy of a separate category. Your options aren’t just limited to Google Adsense here though. Tons of other ad networks could come in handy, and all you’ll need to do is add a code into your posts. Remember, though these ads, you’d be making money even as you sleep – as long as the blog is up. 

Here are a few popular AdSense alternatives; 

5. Sell ads directly to advertisers

Sell Ads directly to advertisers on your blog

AdSense and other ad networks bridge the gap between content creators and advertisers. Through their services, advertisers don’t need to actively look for people like you. You don’t need to find advertisers yourself either, leaving it to your ad network. 

These networks do well to connect the two parties, and they charge a commission for it. That commission gets deducted from your ad payments. Luckily, you can dodge this network commission by finding advertisers yourself. You could just cut out the middleman, and keep all the ad revenue to yourself. 🤑

The best tool you could have for this is an advertiser-dedicated page on your blog. This way, Ad offers can come knocking on your door – isn’t that amazing? 

Alternatively or additionally, you could also actively reach out to advertisers too. If you score ads, one way or the other, use plugins to manage and present them effectively! These could work well; 

6. Sell a digital product, like an eBook

Sell Digital Products Like an Ebook To Make Money On your Blog

Now that you’ve learned about cutting the middleman, how about becoming an advertiser yourself? Instead of advertising products of other people, why not promote your own? Yes, you don’t have any yet – but that could change. 

You can always create digital products that could be valuable to your readers. An eBook or an online course around the niche of your blog could attract many buyers – don’t you think? Promote it on your posts and website regularly and your sales should keep going up. 

To make sure you don’t lose the trust and loyalty of your audience, your eBook/course needs to be great. Yes, it can be a lot of work to create a digital product that adds real value to your audience’s life. But you just need to put in all the effort once, and the revenue will roll in forever – think about that. 🤔

7. Become a freelance blogger

Make money blogging as a freelance blogger

If you enjoy writing blogs, you could market your skill in the online freelancing world too! Using your own blog, feel free to promote yourself to attract clients that’ll pay you to write. It’s a solid way to make money, and pretty popular in some particular niches of blogging these days. 

For instance, Carrie Smith Nicholson runs a successful finance blog i.e. www.carefulcents.com. She also uses it to find work as a freelance blogger – pretty neat, right? 

Just like I’ve discussed the advertiser-dedicated page, you could also create a ‘Hire Me’ page for this. If someone is impressed with your writing, they’ll get in touch with you for your freelance blogging services. 

8. Launch a membership site

If you’re interested in creating and putting out digital products regularly, a membership site could be a great idea. I’ve talked about making your own digital products, like eBooks and eCourses. Well, a full membership site is meant to feature all that information in one place. 

You’d earn money in the form of a monthly subscription that people would pay on this site. In exchange, they’ll gain complete access to everything you’ve put out – and will put out – for a month. 

9. Charge people to read your posts

Make money blogging by charging people to read your posts

Mark Manson – the author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, charges people $4 monthly to gain access to his posts. You could do, and people would actually pay as well, depending on your niche and your popularity. 

You probably come across stock trading guidance blog ads all the time – they’re not always free! The information they offer is valuable enough for people to pay for it. If you think you can do this successfully, try it out! 😄

10. Create a podcast

Make Money Blogging by starting a podcast

Podcasts have been the talk of the town – quite literally! People have less and less time at hand these days as lifestyles get busier with time. Your audience might not always have time to sit back and read your posts. 

A podcast offers people the possibility to ‘listen’ to the info while they run other errands. Plenty of bloggers are launching podcasts, and maybe it’s time for you to do so too! Once your subscribers become regular listeners, you can run ads there too – as an FM station does.

11. Accept donations

Accept Donations On Your Blog For Money

If people love the content you’re putting out through your blog, they’d love to support you. Many bloggers don’t have a big enough traffic to bag sponsorships or affiliate programs. 

The blog earns nothing in its starting days. So, bloggers sometimes need financial help to keep up blogging. That’s where donations come in to play.

To support your blog and the content they love, your loyal audience will offer donations. A lot of bloggers accept these to be able to run the blog fulltime – for the love of blogging. 

Not all niches are easy to monetize, some don’t attract a lot of traffic ever. If you’ve got one of those at hand, feel free to go this route! You can use services like Patreon or PayPal Donations to run the system easily. (https://www.patreon.com/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/paypal-donations/)

12. Sell leads to other companies

Sell Leads To Companies To Make Money Blogging

The information of your visitors could be valuable to other companies. Especially if you’ve got a niche blog, take the example of insurance for instance. If you run an insurance blog, companies would be interested in paying you for your readers’ info. 📝

This info is called ‘lead’, relating to each reader in particular. As long as you let your readers know what’s going on, you can sell it to other companies! Transparency is a must though, keep that in mind. 

All you’d be doing is connecting your readers with a company that could fulfill their needs. This is also a pretty popular way people earn money through their blogs.  

13. Create a job board

Running a niche blog, you’ve already got a big audience of people interested in a particular topic. Use it to create a job board and charge fees for companies to post job ads to your readers. This is attractive for companies because they get to advertise positions to a targeted audience. Your readers would be interested in hearing out what the ads have to say, and that’s why companies find value in paying you. 💹

14. Sell products via eCommerce

Sell Products Via Ecommerce To make money Blogging

A lot of bloggers who run more of a friendly blog, that’s super casual with the audience, could benefit from this. If you’re one of them, you can make a decent amount of money by selling your merch! You can market it through an eCommerce store, and boom – that’s a reliable income right there. 

Clothing items do super well in such merchandise stores! Design them with tag lines that are exclusive to your blogs. You could also use inside jokes that only your audience would understand. Humor is also a key factor in making more sales under this idea!

15. Sell your blog and cash out

Sell Your blog And cash out

Finally, here’s an option to make a lump sum of money from your blog at once. But, if you do it, that’ll be the last time you make money from it.

Yes, we’re talking about selling your blog. 

If you reach a point where you’re just ready to move on and cash out – this is it. All the hard work you’ve put in will pay off in an instant if you find the right buyer! 💵

I hope this article gave you some ideas on how you can make money blogging! Please leave any feedback in the comments!

Looking for more ways to make money online? Check out some of my other posts!

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