14+ Lucrative Ways You Can Make Money on Amazon

Make Money On Amazon
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Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, and its growth rate has been mind-boggling. Its founder is now the richest man on the planet, and that’s a strong statement in itself.

The retail platform is bigger than giants like Costco, Walmart, Target or any big name in the industry. It’s even bigger than Jack Ma’s Chinese online platform ‘Alibaba’. It’s wildly successful, and Amazon’s progress shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

They’ve made it super easy for third-party sellers to make a living online. No other retailer has opened up its platform for people to earn profits off it quite like Amazon. Yes, Walmart and other competitors have always tried to keep up, but they’ve never taken the lead. For anyone who’s looking to sell products, Amazon is still the premier go-to destination. 👌

Amazon has lately expanded on making it easier for other people to make money through it. They’ve come up with some side hustle opportunities that a lot of people don’t know about. They can actually be pretty rewarding, sometimes even more so than becoming an Amazon seller!

The options and opportunities are endless to make money on Amazon. You could publish books yourself, sell products, or work on other passive income ideas. You can even get paid for watching videos, playing games and other fun activities. Because of Amazon’s unimaginable size and volume, they’re able to innovate options for all and sundry. This guide covers some of the greatest ways to start making money on Amazon!

Make Money on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

Not gonna lie, the best way to earn a living through Amazon may be the original way. By the ‘original way’, I mean using it as an online marketplace to sell products!

Whenever people think of online shopping, Amazon is still their first thought. It’s the most used platform for that purpose, and you can start capitalizing on that. No other eCommerce website could bring you more potential customers than Amazon.

If you choose to start off as a regular online retailer, you might have a much harder time. You’ll have to compete with others to get a higher placement on Google’s search results. You’ll be head to head with well-established market players – that’s challenging, to say the least. But, you could dodge all that if you choose Amazon.

If you’re smart, Amazon could give your start a boost. You can sell anything on Amazon – anything at all. If you’re got useless books filling up your closet that is of no use to you anymore, sell them. Got old electronics lying around collecting dust? Sell them. You can even have a rewarding career as a retailer of branded new products on Amazon.

When it comes to starting an Amazon business, there’s no cap on the progress. The sky’s your limit, and you’re your own boss. Yes, it won’t be too financially rewarding at the start, but you’ll get there. 😃

How to Sell on Amazon

Sellers can choose from two different plans offered by Amazon.

1. Individual Plan

This plan costs you $0.99 for every item you sell – simple as that. You’ll only be able to sell and ship to U.S. based customers with this plan though.

2. Professional Plan

If you’re looking to expand your customer base beyond borders, this is where it’s it. You’ll gain access to Canadian and Mexican markets with the professional plan. You’ll also gain access to product categories that aren’t accessible with the individual plan. The professional plan charges you $39.99 on a monthly basis, regardless of the sales you make. Before you upgrade to this plan, make sure you’re able to score at least 40 product sales.

With either plan, you’ll have to pay some additional charges too though. The shipping and referrals aren’t free, so make sure you keep those things into account. You’ll have to have a solid business model to reliably make profits on Amazon. You’ll need high-quality goods at a low cost too. This enables you to offer better quality at competitive prices.

Amazon Fulfillment

Make Money On Amazon - Amazon Fulfillment

Selling products on Amazon can be super rewarding, but there isn’t just one way to get there. You can choose from several different paths that lead to the same destination. Your end goal is to establish a profitable business on the platform. 💸

The lesser amount of effort it takes, the better, correct? Well, shipping is an important part of an Amazon seller’s life that takes a lot of effort and time. If the whole procedure is too exhausting for you, you might want to consider Amazon’s FBA program.

The ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ program is a great solution to minimize the required effort. Under it, Amazon will take the gruesome responsibility in their own hands. You, the seller, will be free to focus on what you do best! Leave the ‘getting products to customers’ part to the experts.

If you choose the FBA program, you’ll need to send out your inventories to Amazon’s warehouse. As you make sales, Amazon will pack and ship the items to the buyers safely. If you’re looking to sell goods in large volumes, FBA is the way to go. You dodge hiring staff to manage to ship, renting warehouses for storage and theft worries, etc. 

It’s just not worth it to ship 100 orders a day for many self-employed Amazon sellers out there. Just pay a fair price for it, and it’ll all be handled by professionals. Plus, there are additional perks that come with the FBA program. Which brings us to the next point…

FBA and Prime Eligibility

FBA and Prime Eligibility

If you haven’t been living under a rock this past decade, you’d know about Amazon Prime. It’s a paid service that brings useful perks to regular Amazon users. These include free two-day home delivery, free streaming of videos and music, and more!

The perk that’s relevant to this discussion is the free two-day delivery though. This has set the bar super high for other retailers to keep up, and Prime takes the cake. Many shoppers on the platform won’t even buy items that don’t have a prime logo on it.

This makes it a big deal for sellers to have this prime-eligibility on their products. One way to get it is by maintaining a spotless record of two-day shipping. It’s also necessary to offer customers a one-day shipping option. This is considered a difficult way to get there, but it’s not the only route you can take.

So, How Do You Become Prime Eligible?

If you aspire to get prime eligibility on your products, you’ll need to be on your A-game always. You can’t afford to slack off even one day. Every order needs to be sent out right on schedule, to maintain a perfect track record. 💯

Sounds too intimidating? That’s understandable. Don’t worry, most items become prime-eligible automatically under the FBA program. You’ll get low stock notifications from Amazon whenever you need to ship more inventory to them.

Through this program, you don’t have to worry as much to get that glorious prime tag on your items. That iconic tag isn’t just a tag, it’s the secret to increased sales and higher conversion rates. The FBA program does come at a price though, but it’s worth it if you’re moving high volumes.

Deliver For Amazon Flex

Deliver For Amazon Flex

If becoming a merchant on Amazon doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. Luckily, that’s not the only way to make money on the website. I’ve dug deep to find out some great ways you can use to earn a living on the platform. 

It continues to expand and keeps multiplying the product options available on it. It has already created countless jobs, and there’s an entire ecosystem that was born through it. They offer a ton of opportunities for part-time and full-time employment gigs. Amazon Flex also contributes to making this possible.

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

Amazon wouldn’t be successful if deliveries weren’t made to buyers in a secure and efficient way. They’ve come up with programs to take care of this department effectively, and Amazon Flex is one of them.

It functions in a manner that’s similar to Postmates and UberEats. AmazonFlex indulges average individuals to deliver packages to Amazon buyers in their locality. It gets the task done for Amazon, and also provides a great way to make money to the common folk.

You can earn up to $25 hourly working as a Flex driver. Your success will depend on your commitment early on thought. You’ll need to give it quite a bit of time, driving around to get packages where they need to be.

You’ll have to use your own vehicle to get packages delivered. A good road-sense of your city and local map comes in handy! 🤷

Work from Home: Amazon Customer Service

Work From Home: Amazon Customer Service

Amazon has always given high importance to customer service. It makes sense too, you simply can’t get a company to top ranks with crappy customer service. To score this objective, they need people like you to help out.

How does the prospect of handling Amazon customer inquiries sound? You wouldn’t have to move or drive around at all, as with the AmazonFlex program. You can work from the unmatched comfort of your home, making over $10 an hour. All it takes is becoming a part-time customer service rep for Amazon!

Working in this position, you’ll be expected to take customer phone calls and engage in live chats. Your job would be to answer queries and resolve issues that customers face and report. Common examples include order cancellations, refund claims, product returns, or missing packages.

Around the holidays, the demand for customer service grows wilder for Amazon. More people visit the site, translating into more sales and increased customer issues. If you’ve got spare time around any of these public holidays, apply and make an extra buck from home! Amazon might need to see some relevant experience or a diploma on your portfolio though.

To get an idea of when these positions open up, monitor Amazon’s Virtual Locations job listing page. It doesn’t always have to be customer service vacancies. You could find positions that require other skills, paying higher than you’d expect! 🙌🏽

Sell Private-Label Products on Amazon

Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

We touched upon selling branded products on Amazon as a retailer earlier. We’ve also discussed selling your old possessions on Amazon, that are of no further use to you. But, private-label sales bring a highly lucrative earning possibility to the platform as well.

You might have never heard of this, but it’s a pretty simple concept. It has become super popular on platforms like Amazon in the past few years. If you do it smartly enough, it could honestly be the quickest way to turn profits on Amazon.

All you need to do is find cheap items on famous platforms like eBay or Alibaba, and buy in bulk. Then, slap your label on them – or another form of private branding on each piece. All that’s left to do now is to make product listings for them on Amazon. Write catchy descriptions and sell them under your tag for easy profits!

In this way, you dodge all production worries. All that’s left to do is take care of storage and shipping, but FBA will take care of all that. Just get your private-labeled product enrolled under Amazon’s FBA program. Finally, ship them to Amazon’s warehouse for fulfillment. Just like that, your storage and shipping concerns vanish!

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Associates

Another great program introduced by Amazon makes affiliate market earnings possible! It’s called the ‘Amazon Associates’ program, and it’s great for bloggers and website owners. Through their blogs, they have the potential to drive their viewers to Amazon for online shopping!

As a blogger, not getting started with this affiliate program would be unwise. All you’d have to do is plug a link or a couple of banner ads around your posts. These links would connect visitors to product listings on Amazon, which potentially earns you money. If they use your link to make a successful purchase, you get a cut of the sale price. How great is that? 🤩

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

This approach to making money on Amazon might not be for everyone, but it’s awesome. It’s high-paying, and you’d essentially make money for doing absolutely nothing. As long as the blogs stay up and attract traffic, you’ll be making money even while you sleep. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

You need to have a decent amount of regular traffic on your website/blog to really cash in on this. Big traffic numbers are important because not all of your readers will click and make purchases.

Usually, the success rate of affiliate links on regular blog visitors sits below 1%. Plus, you’ll only get a 5-10% commission on sale prices. This makes large traffic essential for making significant earnings through Amazon Associates.

Do Tasks with Mechanical Turk

There’s very little that machine learning and AI can’t do these days. In the future, AI might even produce articles automatically like the one you’re reading currently. But for now, marketers still haven’t found an automated way to gather data for menial tasks. That’s where Amazon Mechanical Turk’s services come into play.

How Does Mechanical Turk Work?

Do Tasks with Amazon Mechanical Turk

As an associate, you can engage in many paid activities with Mechanical Turk. These include data entry, filling out surveys, and transcribing video or audio. If I’m being honest though, this won’t pay too much. Yes, it serves well as a side hustle, but can’t be a sustainable source of income on its own. 

At most, you could get $10 per hour – but even that comes later on. If you’ve got spare time on your hands and surveys don’t annoy you, go for it. It’s a great way to make an extra buck to monetize your free hours. 🤑

Sell Your Crafts: Amazon Handmade

Sell Your Crafts: Amazon Handmade

You might have heard of Etsy, which is a popular platform for selling handmade crafts. Amazon Handmade is a similar platform but it comes with the perk of Amazon’s enormous user base. But it’s still harder than Etsy to get started on.

On this platform, you’ll first have to prove that the products you’re looking to sell are actually handmade. You can’t be selling products that were made and sold by someone else.

Here’s how it compares to Etsy on its charges structure;

  • Etsy will charge $0.2 on every product you list for sale. In addition, they’ll charge up to 10% on every successful sale you make.
  • Amazon Handmade, in contrast to this, charges a flat 15% cut on every sold item.

Self-Publish On Amazon Kindle

Self-Publish on Amazon Kindle

Amazon got its start on selling books. Books still do well on Amazon financially! It’s actually one of the best ways to get paid on the platform.

Amazon Kindle offers a wide range of options for earning income through self-publishing. Most of them aren’t reliant on any investment upfront, and they’re basically passive income ideas. The main thing you’ll put in is the time that’s needed to write the content itself.

Sell eBooks on Kindle

Through ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’, you can get up to 70% of the sale price of your books. You wouldn’t even be paying any amount for the Amazon listing. List as many eBooks as you want – there wouldn’t be any cost associated with putting out content. When your book is published, you’ll start getting paid when people download your stuff.

Sell Print Books on Amazon

You could also go the hard-copy route of selling books on Amazon. Do you want your content to be released and read in physical form? Try the print options that Kindle Direct Publishing offers!

Amazon would cover the production cost of your books whenever a customer orders them. For this, they’ll charge a higher commission cut on each order’s sale price. You’ll still be left with about 60% of the revenue though, which is pretty good considering zero costs. 😮

Sell Designs with Merch by Amazon

Sell Designs With Merch By Amazon

Many people randomly come up with cool T-shirt ideas, but never know what to do with them. You need a whole clothing line to capitalize on design thoughts like those. With Amazon Merch, you can make money off of these!

How Does Merch by Amazon Work?

All you need to do is upload the design you’ve come up with and provide relevant specifics. Leave the rest to Amazon! Whenever a customer shows interest in buying the shirt you designed, you don’t have to do a thing. It all falls on Amazon to produce, package, and ship your merch!

Remember, all you did was upload a design with a few particulars as to how the final product looks. For doing this much, getting a portion of the sale price of the shirt is pretty awesome. On average, designers can expect to make around $2.21 on shirts that sell for $16. As orders rack up, you’ll make passive income without even knowing!

Amazon Products Retail Arbitrage

Amazon Product Retail Arbitrage

Products often end up costing more on Amazon than they do in real-life stores. This sometimes makes sense as well. By shopping online and not physically going to stores, customers save time. You could capitalize on this through retail arbitrage on Amazon.

All you need to do is pay a visit to nearby stores periodically and find items to buy and retail. The best choices would be items that are highly worth their price tag. You know how you see something and it’s low price pleasantly surprises you? Pick those out and buy them for retail arbitrage.

You’ll have to list them with a profit margin on Amazon. Sooner or later, they’ll sell and turn profits! These items could be anything, such as LED lawn decorations, mason jars, crockery, etc.

The underlying concept is super simple, and the execution isn’t too hard either. Just buy items from physical stores for less, and sell them online on Amazon for more! 😏

Sell Services on Amazon Services

Sell services on Amazon Services

Amazon isn’t just limited to being a marketplace for products. It also markets services and behaves in a similar way as websites like Fiverr and Upwork. It does this through its ‘Amazon Services’ program.

If you’re good at useful stuff like making deliveries, household errands, or other skills – market them! Sign up and list your availability and tell people what you’re good at. If someone out there needs your help, you’ll find clients. Pay rates would depend on the technicality and nature of the tasks you complete for people.

Narrate Books with Amazon ACX

Narrate Books With Amazon ACX

Some people are just naturally blessed with that soothing, radio-worthy voice. If you’re also one with that perfect voice like Morgan Freeman, Amazon ACX is where it’s at.

With this service on Amazon, you can make money by providing voiceovers. These can be for novels, textbooks, and other printed content. You can expect pretty high pay rates in this field, as it’s not that easy to find great voices out there. This is a great option to make money on Amazon.

Add Skills to Alexa Skills

Add Skills To Alexa Skills

Effective programmers can actually teach Alexa to perform particular tasks. These could be to change TV channels, lead you on a session of guided meditation, or even play games with you. This becomes possible through ‘Alexa Skills’, which is like Apple’s App Store, but for Alexa.

Apparently, old AI can learn the latest tricks, if there’s a good programmer at work. You could get opportunities to sell advanced ‘Skills’ and get paid! 💵

Make Money as a Streamer on Amazon-owned Twitch

Make Money As A Stream on Twitch

Twitch, believe it or not, is owned by Amazon. It’s a super popular streaming platform that’s reserved for the gaming community. You could make money on Twitch as a streamer too. Your income primarily depends on paid monthly subscriptions and occasional donations by viewers.

For Twitch users who have already subscribed for the Amazon Prime service, there’s a big Twitch perk! Subscribing to your favorite creators on Twitch comes at a basic rate of $4.99. Half of that goes to the streamer, while Twitch retains the other half as commission.

For Amazon Prime users, a monthly Twitch subscription is granted for free, for life! This means, the streamer of your choice still gets his cut every month, yet the user doesn’t have to pay anything. If someone uses their prime sub on you, they’d automatically re-sub every month at no extra cost. How cool is that? You’d still get around $2.5 from their free sub, but they won’t pay anything.

Yes, making money on Twitch doesn’t equate to earning on Amazon. However, it’s true that without Jeff Bezos’s ever-expanding empire, Twitch wouldn’t come into being. 🤔

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