Pinecone Research Review: What Makes It Legit? [Updated 2020]

Pinecone Research Review 2020 - Are They Legit?
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What’s Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is an exclusive website that features paid surveys and product testing. You need to get invited, and actually, qualify before you’re allowed to join them. Most websites don’t have such procedures for members to sign up. That’s what makes PineCone Research exclusive!

Once you get in, you’ll get surveys on your email from Pinecone Research. They’ll also send some products for you to test. Each product test can earn you up to $6, while surveys yield $3 – $5. One thing’s for sure, they won’t try to scam you. They’re one of the leading survey websites! If this website is not legit, I don’t know which is.

What makes them especially attractive is the fact that it’s hard to join. You don’t choose them from a pool of survey sites, they choose you from a flood of applicants. They consider factors like the demographic you belong to. Certain demographics rank higher in their priority at times for various reasons. Sometimes, the clients need to get their products tested out from people of a particular place.

With the number of people that apply to join them, they can afford to be picky. They’re legit and pay survey takers high and fast. Even I haven’t been able to get in and take a survey yet, that should tell you they’re the real deal. 👍

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How Does Pinecone Research Work

You’ll need a special invite link to sign up for Pinecone research and join their panel. You can find links through banner ads online, and panelists can also send them.

Once you get the link, the next step is filling out a questionnaire online. You’ll need to put in all the details about you to let Pinecone decide if they want you. You can’t trick this, there are no right or wrong answers. If you happen to belong from a demographic they’d prefer at the time, you’ll succeed. They want different people at different times, depending upon what their clients’ needs. You don’t know what they’re looking for, hence there’s no faking it.

If you’re lucky enough to get accepted onto the panel, the real journey begins. You’d start getting surveys to complete on your registered email address. They’ll pick out and send surveys to you based on your particular demographic.

The surveys range between a wide variety of topics! But, Pinecone Research tends to focus on surveys that are consumer and product-related. This also explains why they feature product testing activities alongside paid surveys.

Now, let’s get to what you’re doing it for. You need money or rewards out of it, right? Well, they work with a points-based system. You’ll earn them for every survey you complete and/or products you test. When you want to cash out, you’ll be able to redeem the points for money or e-gift cards! 🙌

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1. It’s free of cost.

Pinecone Research is free to join. Like many other survey sites such as Opinion Outpost and Survey Junkie, there are no charges!

2. They send you prequalified surveys.

If you get a survey in your email, it already means you’re qualified for it. This is a huge reason why people use (or would want to use) the website for paid surveys. There are sites that work in an absolutely opposite way. You’d spend over 10-20 minutes on a survey, only to find out that you’re not even eligible for it. That’s a mood ruining moment right there.

While Pinecone sends fewer surveys to each member, they make sure it’s always worth his/her time. You can start and finish a survey knowing that you’re qualified to fill it out. They don’t waste your time, that’s a huge pro.

3. They wouldn’t scam you.

Pinecone Research is run by Nielsen. Nielsen is a well-known market research company based in New York. It sits among the top market research corporations around the globe! If that wasn’t enough to win your trust, there’s more. They’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau which keeps its eyes peeled for scams. The BBB has even given an A+ rating to Nielsen in 2017, making it impossible to doubt their website’s integrity.

4. You get to test unreleased products!

Occasional product testing activities sweeten the experience for Pinecone Research members. You’ll get a chance to know about upcoming products before even they’re released! You might answer questions about a product idea on a survey and then test the same product later on. Just being able to get your hands on exclusive unreleased items is an exciting incentive, isn’t it?

Fill enough surveys and sooner or later, they’ll send a product to you for testing. Sometimes, there are ‘post-testing’ surveys to fill, bringing you even more points. You’ll get about $6 for testing it first, and then around $3 to answer particular questions about it. It’s an enjoyable way to earn money on the side, that’s for sure.

5. They pay super well. 💸

As compared to most other paid-survey sites, you can expect higher rates here. Starting out, you’ll be getting about 3 bucks per survey. If you’re based in Canada, they’ll start you off at $5/survey. To UK-based members, they pay 3 pounds per survey too.

That rate isn’t fixed though, it’ll only hike up with time. The longer you stay with them, the higher you’ll earn for each survey. Some websites pay in mere cents for surveys, and $3 – $5 sounds like heaven compared to them.

6. They’re punctual with their payments.

A grossly high number of websites just can’t seem to pay their users on time. Even though their legit, it could take them days to actually get your money to you. In contrast to that, Pinecone Research makes sure you get paid within 48 hours at max. They pay their members via Paypal, checks, or pre-credited Visa Cards. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you could either set one up in minutes or use other convenient payment options. The whole payment process is designed to be as smooth as it can be.

7. You get several reward choices.

You can redeem your points in many different ways! Choose between gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, or Home Depot, iTunes, etc.

You can even get movie vouchers and gift cards for your favorite restaurant chains. Of course, if you just want cash, the Paypal, check, or Visa card options still exist. 💳

8. Withdraw whenever you want to.

Most survey websites set a particular minimum threshold for you to be able to redeem rewards. That’s not the case with Pinecone Research. You can redeem your points even after completing a single survey if you want. This increases the motivation of members to make more and more points. It increases the flexibility in a user’s cash-out schedule. Have a festival coming up? Withdraw whatever you have for useful gift cards!

9. Long, long expiry dates.

Even if you forget your Pinecone account, your points aren’t going anywhere for quite a while. With super long expiry dates on points, you won’t be deprived of any of your earnings at Pinecone Research.

10. You get great customer service.

Users report that they’ve got a super nice and efficient customer service that solves problems fast. They’ve paid special attention to the FAQs page on their site. You’ll be able to find many questions there with descriptive answers to help members!

11. They’re considerate.

There’s an option to suspend your survey invites temporarily whenever you feel the need. They understand that emergencies can arise at any moment for a member! For instance, if you’re traveling and you can’t fill out surveys for a few days, don’t worry. Suspend them for the time being and you won’t get any in your email until you’re available again.  Without suspension, you’re supposed to fill out at least 20 surveys monthly normally.

12. The site auto-saves survey progress.

Imagine you’re just about to finish a 20-minute long survey, and boom – your browser crashes. I’d hate the whole world for at least an hour. That’d mean you have to re-do the entire thing from scratch. But, that’s not the only thing that could happen. Your dog could knock your device out of your hand and accidentally exit the survey page.

Well, with Pinecone Research, you don’t have to worry about all that. They save all your survey answers in case of such a mishap. For regular survey takers, this would be a huge relief. 😪

13. Sweepstakes!

Pinecone Research conducts lucky draws twice a week. Members have a chance to win $500 through those, but that’s not it. They also hold quarterly lucky draws worth $4500 apiece. Whenever you fill out a survey, you’ll get an automatic entry into it. The more surveys you complete, the higher your chances to win big on sweepstakes!

14. The surveys are pretty fun too.

Unlike many other sites out there, Pinecone doesn’t always invite you to boring surveys. You’ll find their surveys to be quite interesting! The fact that they send them out based on member demographics could also play a part in this. According to their panelists, the website makes an honest effort in making surveys less mundane.

15. It’s safe to use.

They’ll never let your data in the hands of a third party. Survey takers always value such kind of mental peace! Even famous websites have a tainted legacy due to complaints of stolen personal data of members. InboxDollars is one of them, but the accusations haven’t been proven. With Pinecone Research, that’s not something you should be worried about. They scrub personal data off of surveys before handing information over to clients. 🕵️‍

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Pinecone Research definitely has a ton of great reasons that attract members worldwide. The list I made above seemed to go on and on forever, right?

But sadly, nothing in this world is perfect. Each platform has its flaws, but your goal should be to go with the least flawed one. Here’s a list of things I’d change about Pinecone Research.

1. They still don’t have a mobile app.

You always have to be at your laptop or desktop computer to take their surveys. If you’re like me, this could bum you out. With a mobile, you can use bits and pieces of your time throughout the day to fill out surveys. Such as traveling on the bus or metro, standing in line, or just during a lunch-break at school or work.

2. Limited Access, invite-only.

It’s not easy to make your way into Pinecone Research as a member. You need a special invitation to fill out the registration form online. As another option, keep a lookout for their banner ads on unsolicited websites to get links. Some referral websites also feature such links. There’s always the option to get them through Pinecone Research members as well. 😃

3. Age and place requirements.

You’ve got to be at least 18+ to join them as a survey taker. Also, you need to be based in a select few countries to take advantage of their services. These countries are the United States, UK, Canada, or Germany. 

4. The interface is pretty dated.

Their user-interface could use some work, to be honest. It’s not up to the mark with other famous survey sites out there. But it shouldn’t be a huge deal breaker because that’s not what you’re there for.

5. The surveys are limited.

Many Pinecone Research users complained about getting very few survey invites. This means it’d be risky to count on a monthly average income from this side source. Though you’ll surely make some pocket-money out of it every month, a fixed amount can’t be estimated. You never know what demographic means more to them at what point. With them, a high number of surveys shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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