Sell Electronics for Cash: 11 Ways to Get Top Dollar

Best Places To Sell Electronics 2020
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It can seem like a pretty demanding task to sort old electronics and dispose of them. You’d have to set aside the ones you don’t use anymore and commit to getting rid of them. The hardest part could be letting go of things, because your mind may try to convince you otherwise.

That fancy coffee machine that you bought last Christmas and never used? Let’s be honest, you’ll never use it. Stop holding on to it for nothing! New technology is being put out at a faster pace than ever before. If you haven’t used a product in the last 6 months, you’ll probably never use it in the future either.

Luckily, plenty of ways exist that make it easier to sell electronics without much of a hassle. Use these to sell electronics for a good price – they’re useless to you anyway! You wouldn’t only make an extra buck off of them, but you’ll free up space in your precious home.

You’ll be surprised how many electronics you can actually sell without a second thought. These include old phones, consoles, older Macs, or other electronics.  You could even sell those mp3 players that were relevant a decade ago!

Before you get to the actual selling part, it’s best to find out which is the best medium to do it through. Find one that minimizes the hassle and gets you the most money for your electronics. I’ve created a simple guide that lists several options – pick the one you connect to the most! 😏

1. Sell Electronics on Swappa

Swappa - Sell Electronics For Money

This website is one of the most popular ones out there when it comes to selling electronics online. It’s reputable and rides on a ton of positive reviews from satisfied sellers and buyers. You could join the platform for free, starting off your journey as a buyer or a seller.

It has a super simple user-interface that’ll let you put up your product listing within a few minutes. You just need to activate your account, which is part of the registration process.

While selling broken electronics is a good idea (with full disclosure, of course), you won’t be able to do that here. doesn’t allow selling/buying items that can’t be properly used for whatever reason. They might include that someday, but you find the option on the site right now. To get a device approved for sale, it has to have its main components, original battery and cords, etc.

The website’s moderators have to manually approve each product listing before it’s published. This is to make sure the buyers don’t get fakes or dysfunctional items sold to them.

It’s still a great option for selling old electronic products though, even if they’re obsolete. doesn’t charge the sellers any commission on sales. Instead, the buyers have to pay a base fee upon purchasing items. This gives an edge to sellers, as the no-commission policy adds to the profitability. 🤑

2. Sell Electronics on eBay

Sell Electronics With Ebay

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the past couple of decades, you’d know about eBay. It’s super popular, and you’ve probably even made a few transactions through the site already.

eBay provides unmatched freedom to people looking to sell literally anything. While I’m focused on electronics in this article, you could use eBay to get rid of anything. You’re free to set your own prices, charge overseas shipping cost, or for additional features.

Here’s a helpful tip – check reviews of the interested buyers that contact you. You’d obviously sell the product to the person offering the most money, but that shouldn’t be all you look at. Readout their reviews to lower the risk of getting ripped off or scammed.

Anytime you connect with users that don’t have any reviews, or negative ones, use caution. eBay is an exceptional buying/selling platform, but being a little more care couldn’t hurt. 🤷

3. Sell Electronics on Amazon

Sell Electronics With Amazon

Okay, you definitely know about this one – without a doubt.

It was initially founded as an online marketplace for music and books only. It soon grew into trading home accessories, clothing items, and… almost everything. Today, its founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world thanks to Amazon.

It’s a great possible avenue you could choose to sell the electronics that you no longer use. Make sure you research the make and model of the product you’re listing for sale. Check for prices available on the site and set a competitive price accordingly.

Lowering the price of your listing a bit below the average rate could help with the item’s visibility. Use simple tactics like these to catch the eyes of the millions of Amazon users that scroll by every day. Sellers do need to pay a sale fee though, unlike’s policy.

4. Sell Electronics on LetGo

Sell Electronics With Let Go

This is a free-to-use app that you can download for free right away. It’s available for both, Android and iOS users. Using it is super easy, and you’ll just need to spare a few seconds to sign up. You could either connect to the app via a social media account or simply use your email address.

To begin browsing the current listings up for grabs, enter the zip code of the location you’re in. You can then proceed to create and publish your own sales listings as well!

What’s great about LetGo is that it won’t charge any fees, neither to buyers nor sellers. There aren’t any hidden fees either – no service charges, no sales fee, nada! They earn their revenue through advertisements and paid sponsorships. Video endorsements run on their websites and they make money when users come across them.

As a user, you’ll be able to comfortably check and compare different listings. Use proper headers, tags, and keywords when you create your own sale listing. This bumps up the SEO, so more people can see what you’ve got for sale. Keep titles and descriptions accurate to the product you’re selling. This makes sales easier and quicker! 👍

5. Sell Electronics on Facebook Marketplace

Sell Electronics With Facebook Marketplace

You could always use Facebook as a great platform to sell your old electronics. It’s always growing, and millions of people come and go every day. Facebook Marketplace is one of the most used tools for the buying and selling of items online.

It’s a good way to sell to people who live around your own neighborhood! You wouldn’t have to worry as much about safety issues and scams if you’re selling to people close by.

It allows sellers to maximize the visibility and reach of their product listings in the local area. Most buyers would be interested in using items that still function well, so stick to selling those. You can sell broken/defunct items on eBay though, with full disclosure about defects. 👀

6. Sell Electronics on Facebook Groups

Sell Electronics With Facebook Groups

Join a Facebook group that’s relevant to the product you’re looking to sell. This way, your listing would be relevant to almost everyone there. You’ll have direct access to a targeted group of people that could be potential buyers. There’s no cost associated with it, neither for sellers no buyers. You’ll just be using good old Facebook – that’s it. Make sure you don’t violate any of the group’s rules though!

7. Sell Electronics on Decluttr

Sell Electronics With Decluttr

Decluttr is a great site that allows trading old electronics, CDs, games, etc. in a rewarding way! You only need to create an account and use their barcode scanner on the saleable stuff you own. You can estimate potential earnings on these items that are just laying around the house.

The platform is designed for selling used electronics that are now useless to the owner. They have to be in working order to be approved for sale on Decluttr though.

It’s super easy to use too. All you need to do is ship the items you’ve scanned to Decluttr at no additional cost to you. Once these items get received and confirmed by Decluttr, you’ll get paid the next day through PayPal. 💸

8. Sell Electronics on Craigslist

Sell Electronics With Craiglist

Craigslist might be a simple and age-old platform, but it’s still one of the biggest ones out there. It has worked well for countless locals in US neighborhoods for over a decade. They make it possible to list almost anything for sale on the website. Just like eBay, feel free to sell broken and defunct electronics for their scrap value on Craigslist.

It’s a free-to-use platform, and there aren’t any administrators or moderators around. So, you’ve got to exercise serious caution while dealing with this website. While it has reputable users that have been around for years, many scammers also thrive.  🙅🏿

9. Sell Electronics on Gazelle

Sell Electronics With Gazelle

With Gazelle, you don’t even have to worry about marketing strategies and finding buyers. As interesting as it may sound, they’ll buy most of your electronics themselves. They’re interested in buying your old Apple, Sony and Samsung electronics that you no longer need.

Use their app or desktop site to enter all the info about the product you’re looking to sell. Within a few seconds, you’ll get an estimated quote from them for it! If you’re willing to get rid of the product for that price, directly request a box from Gazelle.

They’ll then send you a box with a ‘free shipping’ label on it. Use that to send the item to Gazelle for no extra cost to you. Once they get it, they’ll examine it and confirm it’s in the right shape. Upon your item passing the inspection, you’ll get paid! If the item doesn’t turn out to be as described, they’ll give you a counteroffer. 💰

10. Sell Electronics on SellBroke

Sell Electronics With Sellbroke

Have you got electronics like phones, DVD players, 3D printers that stopped working? SellBroke is the platform for you. It’s dedicated to the buying and selling of broken down or defunct electronics. The items are useless to you anyway, why not make an extra buck out of their disposal?

It’s free to use, so you wouldn’t have to pay a service fee for getting rid of your useless electronics. Most people have a storeroom filled with old devices that sit there, collecting dust – without any use. Just input all the information about them to get an estimated value from the platform. Much like Gazelle, they’ll send you a box that has prepaid shipping sticker on it. Send off the items and wait for payment via PayPal or a check in your mail. Use Sellbroke to sell electronics for money! 

11. Sell Electronics On uSell

Sell Electronics With uSell

It’s a popular alternative to SellBroke. It behaves in almost the same manner as SellBroke does, with a few added benefits. They’ll also feature buying and selling iPods, iPads, and even used textbooks for college!

It works by connecting prospective buyers with sellers. Upon the identification of the buyer, uSell will send a ‘free shipping’ box to the seller. In it, they can send off the sold items to the new owner’s address at zero shipping cost. Sellers then get paid through PayPal or checks!

Final Words: Sell Electronics for Money

There are countless ways you can choose from to make an extra buck on old electronics. These products are useless to you now, besides their potential to get you some cash. Take advantage of this opportunity by getting rid of anything that you simply don’t need anymore.

But choose the right platform for it! If it’s a broken-down item, you won’t be able to sell it on the most popular platforms. But, platforms like SellBroke, eBay, craigslist will come in handy in such a case! For other items, that are old but in a working condition, feel free to use any of the platforms listed above. Make sure you compare estimates from different platforms to get the best possible deal. All the best!  🙌


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