15 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Quick Cash In 2020

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In today’s world, it seems almost everyone has a side hustle, and with the use of smartphones, it is now easier than ever. No matter what you need chances are there is an app for that. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can find your next side hustle on your phone. Below I have created a list of what I believe to be some of the best side hustles ideas that you can access from any smartphone.

1). Airbnb

If you have extra space in your home or even an extra property that you don’t use for the majority of the year, then this app may be a great way for you to earn some money.

Airbnb allows you to rent out your property to other people for short periods of time (on average 1-4 weeks). To sign up for this app and begin listing your own property all you have to do is either create a username and password, use a Google account, or even use your Facebook™️ account. Using your Facebook™️ can be handy if you create an extra account where you post events and other things happening in your area to help draw in customers.

The amount of money you can make with this app depends solely on how many people are interested in staying at your property. The average property listing on Airbnb generates roughly $950 a month but this relies a lot on the location of the property. Some of the most popular vacation areas that bring in the most profit are Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Canberra which together have an average monthly profit of almost $2635.

Create Your Free Airbnb Account Now

2). Lyft

This app is good for those who enjoy driving and have a fair bit of free time on their hands. Lyft allows you to drive around people similar to a taxi service. To get started all you have to do is create an account where you list a photo of yourself, your name, and a description of your vehicle which helps passengers recognize you.

The average profit on an hourly basis for Lyft drivers is $17.50 an hour so it is important you balance how much money you are spending in gas vs. how much you are getting paid per trip in order to make the most money.

Create Your Free Lyft Account Now

3). Uber

This app works the same as Lyft where the only major difference is the pay. While Lyft drivers make around $17.50 an hour most Uber drivers actually reported making two dollars less for a total of $15.50 an hour.

The same goes for Uber in terms of balancing how much you are spending against how much you are earning but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind which is the overall demand for the service. Different areas tend to use one more so than the other so you will either have more ride requests when working for Lyft or Uber depending on the area you are working in.

Create Your Free Uber Account Now

4). UberEats

Owned by the same company responsible for creating the Uber taxiing service UberEats also uses your personal vehicle but for other reasons. Instead of driving around human passengers you are delivering their food to them.

After creating an account using either a previously made Uber Driver account, or creating a brand new one with a valid email address, you can begin accepting deliveries. Anytime you want to accept new ones you can switch deliveries on and off, this way you do not receive requests when you are busy.

Including vehicle expenses such as gas, you can be expecting to make somewhere between $8-$12 an hour. If you want to increase this you can try accepting as many deliveries as possible during lunch and dinner rushes.

Bonus: If you use my code: eats-jakew13647u you can receive $7 off your next order

Create Your Free Uber Eats Account Now

5). Acorns

If investing is something that you have always wanted to get involved in, then Acorns is a good way to help you get started.

This app lets you invest small amounts of change because whenever you make an online purchase it takes the change spent, rounds it up to a dollar, and then invests that extra money spent. To begin using this service you create an account on their website an order an Acorns debit card to make all of your usual purchases with.

Generally, you don’t have to do much with your investments and can forget about them. They will not earn you very much income with the average being around $40 a month.

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6). Points Prizes

This app is one that offers multiple easy ways to make a small amount of money. How this app works is that you earn points for doing things such as taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading other apps which are later redeemable for gift cards.

After downloading the app all you have to do is log in using a Google or Facebook account. The easiest way to make the most money through this app is by referring to your friends which will grant you 10% of the earnings that they make. The average person on Points Prizes make’s around $60 a month.

Create Your Free Points Prizes Account Now

7). DoorDash

This app works similarly to Uber Eats in the fact that you are delivering to people items that they purchase but it goes beyond food.

With this app, you can instead deliver items from pet stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, and any other vendors located in your area that are affiliated with the service. In order to sign up for this app all you have to do is verify that you are eighteen years old or older, have a valid driver’s license, and have access to either a car or bicycle.

By delivering purchases to people through this app you are able to make up to $25 an hour.

Create Your Free DoorDash Account Now

8). Fat Llama

Using this app you are able to turn the things you don’t need into profit.

Instead of simply selling your unwanted items online, Fat Llama alternatively gives you the option to rent them out instead. This can be any item such as a camera, computer, or bicycle so you have lots of options and makes this side hustle idea pretty awesome considering you can leverage your items rather than your time.

Hint: Re invest your profits into more items you can rent out to quickly increase your income.

All you have to do is register an account, post photos of the item you want to rent out, and set a price for it. On average people listing items on this app make around $1050 a month but there are some who go up as high as $5000.

Create Your Free Fat Llama Account Now

9). Task Rabbit

This app is used by people that want to find others to complete the tasks they either don’t have time for or simply don’t want to do.

These tasks can include things from furniture assembly to device installation so it is important that you only accept jobs that you have the skills for, otherwise your customer rating could drop.

In order to participate in this service, you must be at least twenty-one years old, own a smartphone, and pass a background check. If you have enough skills to cover a few of the task categories you can make up to $2000 a week.

Create your Free Task Rabbit Account Now

10). Rover

Ideal for those looking to earn extra money who are also big animal lovers, Rover gives you the ability to match with people in your area looking for pet walkers or sitters.

You are able to see the exact time length that you will be needed for, as well as how far away the client is located so you can be sure they are a good fit for you.

To sign up for this once you make an account you need to specify what type of work you are looking for in order to find the best results. This includes how long you are willing to watch someone’s pet as well as whether or not you can handle watching them overnight.

People working for Rover can be expecting to make up to $40 an hour.

Create Your Free Rover Account Now

11). Poshmark

If you are someone that has an excessive amount of used designer clothes they no longer want, then this app is a great way for you to earn extra cash.

This app allows you to take photos of your unwanted items and sell them for a discounted price to people in your area. In order to do this all you have to do is list item specifications such as the original item creator, the size, and the price you are selling it for.

You will then be notified once someone purchases your item. How much you make with this service depends entirely on how much you have to sell and the value of the items, so the earning ability here is pretty endless. It could be pretty easy for someone to make an extra few hundred dollars a month doing this.

You could even find items and garage sales and thrift stores and flip them.

Create Your Free Poshmark Account Now

12). Etsy

Perfect for those that wish to do something that both earns them money while also acting as a creative outlet, Etsy allows you to sell items that you make yourself.

These items can be things such as knitted beanies, paintings, and even homemade jewelry. You can do this by first creating an account which gives you access to a page that acts as your storefront.

There you are able to post pictures and prices for all of the items you are making and customers can come by and purchase them. Depending on how much you sell you can earn quite a bit as long as your items follow common trends.

One woman even reported earning as much as $70000 a month using this service, I would not plan on making that much but it is great to know what is possible!

Create Your Free Etsy Account Now

13). Urban Sitter

Focusing on mostly large cities, this app provides nearby babysitters for those who need to find one quickly.

For those applying as a sitter or nanny on this site all you have to do is make a profile, pass a background check, and browse job listings in your area.

Once you apply for the job you will either be accepted and have to meet with the parents, or not be a good fit for the parents and have to continue searching. If you are accepted though and do a good job the parents also have the option to specifically request you again in the future.

Something unique about this site is that it is also one of the only ones that allows age sixteen and up.

The average rate for watching one child is $11-$15 an hour.

Create Your Free Urban Sitter Account Now

14). Turo

Ideal for families with an extra vehicle, or those who rarely use their own, this app allows you to rent out your vehicle to other people.

In order to rent your vehicle with this service, you have to create an account at which time you will fill in information such as how many miles your car has, what make and model it is, and how much you want to charge people to use it on a daily basis.

One thing that is important is that your vehicle must meet certain criteria to be accepted on the site. It must have a clean title, be less than twelve years old, and have fewer than 130000 miles on it.

The newer and more luxurious the vehicle the more money you can make with the potential income value being between $300-$1000 a month.

Create Your Free Turo Account Now

15). eBay

This is one of the oldest services on this list but it is still worth mentioning. eBay allows you to sell old items to people in an auction form where buyers will take turns bidding on them.

The items that you choose to sell depend entirely on you and can be simple things such as a guitar you never bothered to learn how to play to a collection of rare and expensive baseball cards. To use this service you must sign up using an email and password after which point you are able to list each item.

There you can specify set how much the starting price is, how much shipping will cost, and when the buyer can be expecting to receive the item. How much you make depends solely on the quality and worth of the items that you sell.

Create Your Free eBay Account Now

Final Words:

Stash App Expensive Fees

Although this is a shortlist of side hustle ideas, You shouldn’t have a problem finding at least one that you can start right away. The key to making extra money and finding a good side hustle is to taking action and getting started. So do yourself a favor and don’t think too hard and don’t make excuses, just start trying things and you will find something that will work!

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