Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money in 2020: Your COMPLETE GUIDE

Start a beauty Blog In 2020
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Are you interested in fashion and beauty related topics? Do you enjoy writing content every once in a while? Well, starting your own blog could be the best possible way for you to make a living. Beauty blogging has a huge audience share in the online world. 

With the right amount of hard work, consistency, and dedication – you’ll start making money soon! You just need the perfect website, to begin with, and a few tips and tricks to get you going. So, how exactly do you create and start running a beauty blogging? I’ll discuss all that in this article! 

I’ll list six of the most important steps that’ll cover; 

  • Picking a website platform (WordPress is highly recommended). 
  • Getting a domain and hosting services. 
  • Choosing the right beauty blogging theme for you.
  • Installing the essential plugins for added functionality. 
  • Creating content; blog posts, articles, tutorials, etc. 
  • Applying good marketing strategies to move towards monetization.

If you’re ready to begin your beauty blogging journey, let’s get right to the steps! 

1. Select a website platform

Select a website platform for you beauty blog

Selecting the right website platform to make your blog can be hard for beginners. But I’d always recommend to anybody who’s just starting out their blogging career. Many factors add up to make it the best possible choice you could make, including; 

  • It’s totally free – they won’t charge you anything for its software. The domain and hosting services will still need to be paid for, but never the software. New bloggers, who don’t have a lot of money in the bank, could really benefit from this. 
  • Being one of the most used website platforms around the globe, a ton of guides can be found for it. Aside from that, it’s super user-friendly by nature and won’t give you a hard time learning. 
  • WordPress’s functionality provides a lot of flexibility to the bloggers. It allows easy customization of sites and helps you create a blog just how you want it. 
  • Once you create your website with this platform, you’ll own it fully. This might sound obvious, but it’s not true for most free website platforms. 

I’m discussing btw, and not – they’re both different. 

2. Purchase hosting and a domain name

Purchase Web Hosting and a domain for your beauty blog

Once you’ve put your finger on WordPress as the platform for your blog, next comes hosting. You’ll need hosting services to power their software, and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You don’t even need any special techy knowledge to get it all set up. 

For newbies in the beauty blogging world, Bluehost is definitely recommended. Here are my reasons;

  • It’s extremely easy to use. From the installation process to the interface of the software, everything’s super simple. 
  • For just a few bucks a month, their hosting services are quite amazing. You’ll even get a free domain name along with it!

Speaking of domain names, there is a thing or two about them that you should know before we move on. 

Domain Names

Bluehost gives you a free domain name, but the choice of the domain will still be yours to make. 

It can be stressful to come up with the perfect domain name for your beauty blog. Ideally, it should depict your unique style, while staying relevant to the beauty niche. It should also be identified among other blog names, and easy to remember for your audience. 

Brainstorm the beauty keywords that could get featured on your domain. Then, you could also use a ‘domain name generator’ online to give you some ideas based on those. 

PRO TIP: You can also get cheap domain names on Namecheap

3. Pick a beauty blogging theme

Choose a theme for your beauty blog

Next, you need a great theme to make sure your blog looks its best. 

Upon installing WordPress through Bluehost, you’ll be sitting at the default theme. Once you set your blog up, feel free to install a suitable beauty blogging theme! 

A good theme makes sure that your website’s look actually matches your niche, i.e. beauty. It ensures that the design has all the essential elements that a blog like yours needs. You’re free to customize images, content, color and much more. Themes help the whole site display consistent branding. 

Through WordPress, you’ll have a ton of free and paid themes to choose from for your blog. For instance, Ashe from WP Royal ( is a super impressive free WordPress theme option. It’s oriented to be suitable for niche beauty blogs, and it might be the right fit for you. Key features include; 

  • Page layout selection
  • Full-screen slider
  • WooCommerce support
  • Banner ad space and promo boxes
  • Theme Customizer

4. Install WordPress plugins

Install wordpress plugins for your beauty blog

Themes take care of the appearance side of things, while plugins handle functionality. Whenever you start a beauty blog or any blog, some plugins should always be considered. These include; 

i)  Optin Forms

With the help of this plugin, you can grow your email list by featuring appealing opt-in forms. You can create these forms and add them to your pages and blog posts!

ii) MetaSlider

You can include attractive pictures to your blog by adding sliders on your posts and pages. Not only will it grab the attention of readers, but also make the posts’ information easier to take in. 

iii) Smash Balloon

Display images from Instagram on your beauty blog and direct more readers to your Instagram account. This could be a great way to boost your social media following if you’re looking for something like that. 

5. Create your blog posts

Create Your First Blog Post On Your Beauty Blog

Once you’re done with all the setup tasks, it’s time to throw in some content. Remember, quality should be at the top of your priority list. Make sure you put out stuff that actually adds value to each reader’s experience. Here are some great tips to write and post impactful articles; 

i) Content Needs to be Unique

As a new blog, you’ll only attract people if you offer something that others don’t. Stand out from the crowd by producing unique content in your niche. Target interesting topics and make sure there’s an element of your personality within the blogs. There’s only one ‘you’ in the world, use it to achieve true uniqueness in your content! 

ii) Use Pictures 

Use Pictures On Your Beauty Blog

High-quality pictures added in with the text can really have a huge impact on your content. This is especially true for beauty blogs because visuals could really help people understand more. Make sure you catch the attention of your users by including attractive thumbnails and images inside. 

iii) Create Videos

Create Videos For Your Beauty Blog

A beauty blog can really use demonstrative videos made by the blogger! This really clears out any confusion in the reader’s mind and helps increase the audience’s loyalty. It can prove to be effective to boost your following. 

Make a YouTube channel and upload videos there, then use plugins to link these videos to the blog. This way, you’ll have a running YouTube channel AND a blog – isn’t that great? 

6. Monetize your beauty blog

Monetize your beauty blog

If you’ve got all of the above things down, without half-assing any of it, then it’s time to make money. You can successfully monetize a blog in different ways, and I’ll discuss some popular ones here. 

i) Affiliate Marketing 

Take part in the most popular way bloggers make money – affiliate marketing. You’ll have to join affiliate programs that are beauty-related and promote their products. Every time you mention a product on your blog, you’d be adding an affiliate link in that post. When a reader clicks it and purchases the affiliate product – you’ll get a cut from the revenue. 

ii) Display ads on your blog

Using your blog to promote advertisers’ products could also be a creative way to earn money. You wouldn’t be partnering with brands through affiliate links here, there’s a difference. Except for a commission on sales, these ads will pay you for each time a reader views or clicks it. 

Make sure though, that the ads you allow on the website are related to the blog’s niche. If a car insurance ad pops up in a beauty blog that just disrupts the user experience entirely. Some bloggers do that in desperation, but steer clear of it!

iii) Create and Sell Digital Products of Your Own

Sell digital products on your beauty blog

Once you’ve built up a large audience that’s loyal to your blog, marketing your own products could work too! If you’ve got a thing for creative design, and want to come up with products of your own, do it! You can use plugins like WooCommerce to make your blog an online store. Make sure the products are genuinely good though – only sell them if you’d personally like using them! 

Final thoughts 

There’s definitely a lot of thought to be put in before you actually decide on starting a beauty blog. But, if it’s something you’re passionate about and have the time to commit to it, go for it. Follow the tips and steps I’ve shared here, and you should be on the right track towards a great blog. All the best! 

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