Timebucks Review – Legit Or Scam? 3 Things You Should Know…

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Times have become tough, and living expenses are always soring; this means we are always looking for additional ways to make an extra buck.

The internet has come with endless possibilities. The good news is that companies like Timebucks have created ways for everyday people to make money online using their services!

The cool thing is most of the tasks they are willing to pay you for are things that you already do such as watch videos, and play games, completing surveys, and many more tasks.

So here is a review of the website that may help you know whether you can make actual money and how you can sign up now and get a free sign up bonus.


What is Timebucks?

What is Timebucks

Time bucks is a website that pays you to complete a different task such as watching videos, taking selfies, offer walls, complete surveys, and many more.

These types of websites usually referred to as get-paid-to. Time bucks was founded in 2014 and is available to people worldwide, although Australian clearing Pty Limited owns it.

Generally, time buck has offered payment for similar tasks as another get-paid-to website, but they work to stand out by always developing new functions that people can earn money.

Some of the fun tasks that might be unique from their websites are making money by taking selfies. These selfies are taken for instants when there is a particular challenge, for example, grow beard challenge where people with beards take selfies and earn from that.

Apart from adding tasks, the website also removes those it feels don’t work out as they should. The bottom line is time bucks offer many ways to earn money on their website.

How Can You Earn Money With Timebucks?

As it is already evident at this point, the tasks at time bucks that enable one to earn are many. You’ll need to complete these tasks and get paid. But how about we dive in detail so that you get to understand the specifics of these tasks?

One of the ways you can make money is by completing surveys. Time bucks offers a lot of surveys to be completed; however, the challenge might be in finding surveys you qualify for.

The surveys come from different sources, although one completes them and get paid for them on their time bucks account.

Offerwalls are another option of earning money on time bucks. This section on the website lets you try out a product for free, try a new site, or even download an app.

It’s basically for trying out different products fresh in the market. Time buck provides several Offerwalls with a lot of offers to try out.

A commission is paid when one gets people to join time bucks. The commission is another way of making money off the site.

The payment comes in 5 levels as one is paid a commission when the people they referred to the website also refer other people to the website the same way. The more people join under your referrals, the more you earn from the site.

Timebucks Micro-tasks

Micro-tasks are a small task that may include data entry for payment. These micro-tasks do not take a lot of time, but also they do not pay a lot at the beginning. When it comes to micro-tasks, consistency is vital when you want to earn more money from it.

Through time bucks, you can also earn through Instagram. You are required to follow certain Instagram pages and even posts on them to earn.

The Instagram bit is a little stricter, and one should be careful to read instructions and watch tutorial videos to know how they should go about the posts and the following of the accounts.

The good thing about this is you get to earn a bonus by connecting your account to these accounts.

How Much Can You Make With Timebucks?

How much you earn depends on the tasks you chose to complete as they pay different rates for different jobs.

For example, you may receive about $0.875 for a survey you take up if you live in a country where studies are more than in others, then your chances of increasing this amount also rise.

Watching at least a 60 seconds video will earn you a reward of about $0.01, but there other smaller videos that they will provide you after you have watched a certain amount of videos, which will also add to your reward.

Create Videos For Your Beauty Blog

Their rates are between a penny and $3. In short, you may earn, for example, 0.01 on polls, about $1 on surveys, content sharing $0.01 and $3 on promotional videos.

Time bucks pay weekly with a minimum payout of $10. They pay their people through PayPal method or Payza. The best way to earn better money through time bucks is by the referral program due to its 5 level payment program.

How to Sign Up For Timebucks

Using an email address or Facebook details, one can sign to Time Bucks free of charge through their company website and create a personal account. The company then sends you a confirmation email into your email account for purposes of payment after you have verified your email.

Time bucks don’t have any age restrictions; therefore, anyone can create an account; they also operate in all countries as long as they allow PayPal.

In a nutshell, Time bucks is a legitimate website that offers payments to people for various tasks. It is, however, not a source of reliable income as the rates are meager, and so one should have alternatives sources of revenue.

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Some tasks might not be available in some countries, for example, surveys, and in those that they are provided, it may take time for people to qualify for them.

These types of limitations also limit the earning potential of many. If you enjoyed this Time Bucks review and want to try and earn that extra coin through Time Bucks.

Sign Up For Your Free Time Bucks Account Now

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